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Pinedale Online > News > November 2006 > Sublette County Sales & Use Tax Report
Sublette County Sales & Use Tax Report
Covering Sales and Use Tax Revenues for Fiscal Years 2001 through 2006
November 24, 2006

In Fiscal Year 2006, Sublette County generated $52,568,766 worth of sales and use tax revenue, of which $16,278,557 was returned to the county and local municipalities, according to a report just presented by Sublette County Socioeconomic Analyst, Jeffrey Jacquet, to the Sublette County Commissioners.

This revenue equates to roughly $1.3 Billion worth of sales transactions in the county in fiscal year 2006, or almost 9% of all taxed sales in the State of Wyoming.

Natural gas activity appears to play a huge part of the increases in sales/use revenue seen in Sublette County and monthly fluctuations in sales tax activity appear to mirror fluctuations in oil and gas activity.

Wyoming State collects sales/use tax revenue keeping 69% for state coffers, and returning approximately 30% to the counties from which the sale occurred. 1% is used for administrative fees and to fund a state-wide redistribution program whereby each county is given at least $40,000 annually, with additional amounts based on population. At 4%, Sublette County has among the lowest sales/use tax rates in Wyoming.

For this document, and a gold mine of more related information about Sublette County social and economic data, click on this link

Pinedale Online > News > November 2006 > Sublette County Sales & Use Tax Report

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