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2006 Election Results. Photo by Pinedale Online!.
2006 Election Results
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2006 Sublette County Election Results
Sublette County and state-wide results
November 8, 2006

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November 2006 Sublette County Election Results

Here is the quick analysis of the election results so far. All counties are now tallied and official results reported. Amendment B is still unofficial until the total voter number is determined

- Amendment B: Amendment B has more votes in favor than against (107,425 in favor and 77,234 against, with a difference of 30,191). However, we wonít know if this means it passed until we get a number for the total number of people who voted overall in the election. The number in favor must be more than 50% of the people who VOTED in the election, not just a majority of those who voted on the Amendment. People who didnít cast a vote one way or another will be counted as a NO vote. Official Results.

- Amendments A & C: Amendments A and C both had large margins in favor. The final result won't be known until the vote in favor is compared with the total number of people who voted in the election.

- Sublette County Commissioner's Race: Locally, Joel Bousman and Bill Cramer won the two available County Commissioner seats in Sublette County, with Bousman taking more votes county-wide (1,793 to 1,464). Bousman led Cramer in Pinedale 1-1, Pinedale 1-3, Big Piney 2-1, Marbleton 2-2, Boulder 1-4, Daniel 4-2 and Cora 4-1. Cramer beat Bousman for total votes in Bondurant 5-1 and Marbleton North 2-4. Vote results by Precinct

- How did Judi Adler, Courney Skinner and Bob McCarty do in the County Commissioner's race? Independent candidate Judi Adler picked up the 3rd highest amount of total county votes (886). Courtney Skinner had 698 and Bob McCarty had 474. Adler took 3rd place in Pinedale 1-1, Pinedale West 1-3, Big Piney 2-1, Marbleton 2-4, Cora 4-1 and Boulder 1-4 precincts. Democratic Commissioner Candidate Courtney Skinner came in the 3rd position, beating Judi Adler, in total number of votes in Daniel 4-2, Bondurant 5-1 and Marbleton 2-2 precincts.

- How did the Democratic candidates compare in the Commissioner's race in Sublette County? Democratic Commissioner Candidate Courtney Skinner led ahead of Bob McCarty in Pinedale 1-1, Pinedale West 1-3, Cora 4-1, Bondurant 5-1 and Daniel 4-2. Bob McCarty beat Courtney Skinner in Boulder 1-4.

- Wyoming Governor's Race: Dave Freudenthal has the lead by a significant margin to keep the Governorís chair over opponent Ray Hunkins (135,389 to 57,999). Hunkins officially conceded the race to Freudenthal Tuesday evening.

- Wyoming State Races: In state races, Republican U.S. Senator Craig Thomas appears to have easily defeated newcomer Dale Groutage (D) (134,969 to 57,640). Thomas is still in the hospital with pneumonia. 73-year old Thomas was admitted to the National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland on Monday and was there through Election Day.

- Cubin vs Trauner: Incumbent Barbara Cubin (R) narrowly leads Gary Trauner (D) by 970 votes for U.S. Representative (93,197 to 92,227), with all Wyoming counties reporting. This margin is too close to call and there will likely be more scrutiny of the vote count. As of the time of this article, there has not been an official announcement of a winner for this race.

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