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Pinedale Online > News > October 2006 > PAWG Reborn, Meeting Nov. 6 in Pinedale
PAWG Reborn, Meeting Nov. 6 in Pinedale
Pinedale Anticline Working Group advises BLM on Oil and Gas development
October 30, 2006

The Pinedale Anticline Working Group (PAWG) will meet from 1 to 5 pm on Monday, November 6 in the Sublette County Library. The BLM will introduce the newly-appointed PAWG to the public at this meeting.

The Pinedale Anticline Working Group is an adaptive management advisory group to the Bureau of Land Management, established by the Record of Decision for the Pinedale Anticline Oil and Gas Exploration and Development Project. The Pinedale Anticline Working Group is chartered under the Federal Advisory Committees Act and is to advise the BLM on the development and implementation of monitoring plans and adaptive management decisions as development of the Pinedale Anticline Natural Gas Field proceeds. Related topics on PAWG can be viewed at:

This is the second PAWG to be installed. The first PAWG was approved and activated in 2003. The PAWG charter limits its members to two-year terms. Anyone can be nominated for subsequent terms but must go through the same review process as first-time candidates. More information on the PAWG Charter can be found at:

Two members were nominated and selected in the fall of 2005. The remaining seven were recently approved. All PAWG candidates are nominated or can nominate themselves to the BLM. The Pinedale BLM reviews the nominations and forwards their recommendations to the Department of Interior Secretary. The selection is made by the DOI Secretary. The Nov. 6 meeting in Pinedale will be the first meeting in which all nine members of the new PAWG will officially meet.

Here are the nine PAWG members and the areas they represent:
• Mary Flandurka -- State of Wyoming
• Cathy Purvis -- Environmental Community
• Steve Duerr -- Member-at-Large
• Nylla Kunard -- Town of Pinedale
• David J. Bell -- Landowners Bordering the PAPA
• Robin Smith -- PAPA Oil & Gas Operators
• Sanford Wise -- Member-at-Large
• Paul Hagenstein -- PAPA Livestock Operators
• Betty Fear -- Sublette County Government

For detailed information on how to contact PAWG members, visit For more information about the PAWG or the scheduled Nov. 6 meeting contact Matt Anderson at (307) 367-5328.

PAWG Task Group Meetings:
Tuesday, November 28: Water Resources Task Group
Sublette County Library, Noon-3 PM
The Water Resources Task Group agenda:
• Review last year’s surface and subsurface water data
• Report on Water Source Wells
• Revise the reporting procedure to the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality
• Report to the PAWG
• Receive public comment
For more information, contact Gene R. George at (307) 265-9199 or Matt Anderson at (307) 367-5328.

Thursday, December 7: PAWG Air Quality Task Group
Sublette County Library, 9 AM-Noon
The Task Group will hear updates from the PAWG, as well as an assessment of what is currently going on in the Pinedale area. For more information, contact Terry Svalberg at (307) 367-5747.

Pinedale Online > News > October 2006 > PAWG Reborn, Meeting Nov. 6 in Pinedale

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