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Pinedale Online > News > October 2006 > Elections in Sublette County
Elections in Sublette County
5 Candidates vying for two seats in Sublette County
October 28, 2006

In Sublette County, five candidates are running for the two open seats on the Sublette County Board of Commissioners.
Bill Cramer (Republican)Incumbent, running for his 4th term
Joel Boumsan (Republican)
Courtney Skinner (Democrat)
Bob McCarty (Democrat)
Judi Adler (independent)

Uncontested Local Offices
House District 22: Monte Olsen
County Clerk: Mary Lankford
County Treasurer: Roxanna Jensen
County Assessor: Janet Montgomery
Sheriff: Wayne “Bardy” Bardin
Coroner: Don Schooley
County Attorney: Ralph Boynton
District County Clerk: Marilyn Jensen

Sublette County School District No. 1 School Board
Bret Kingsbury
Michael McFarland
Jamison Ziegler
Ward Wise
Chris Sullivan

Sublette County School District No. 9 School Board
Glade Jones
Richard Kalber
Rich Anderson

Governor’s Race
Dave Freudenthal (Democrat) Incumbent, 4 years
Ray Hunkins (Republican)
The Governor’s office issued a press release Friday stating Gov. Dave and First Lady Nancy Freudenthal will be suspending campaign- and state-related business over the next few days due to the illness of the first lady's mother. Much of the Freudenthal family is currently in Cody, where Shirley Castle resides. The governor's state and/or campaign offices will contact those who had previously scheduled appointments with them. “The governor and first lady appreciate the respect that Wyoming residents have for their privacy during this difficult time,” the press release said.

U.S. Senate
Craig Thomas (Republican) Incumbent, 12 years
Dale Groutage (Democrat)

U.S. House of Representatives
Barbara Cubin (Republican) Incumbent
Gary Trauner (Democrat)
Thomas Rankin (Libertarian)

Secretary of State
Max Mayfield (Republican), Incumbent
Dennis Brossman (Libertarian)

State Treasurer
Joe Meyer (Republican)
Ron Redo (Democrat)

State Auditor
Rita Meyer (Republican)
Bill Eikenberry (Democrat)

Superintendent of Public Instruction
Jim McBride (Republican), Incumbent
Michelle Hoffman (Democrat)

Wyoming Supreme Court: Justice Michael Golden, Justice E. James Burke
9th Judicial District: Judge Wesley A. Roberts

Constitutional Amendment A
An amendment pertaining to excise taxes on minerals. This excise tax is 1-1/2% on the value of the gross product extracted for coal, petroleum, natural gas, shale and other minerals. The excise tax are to be deposited into the Permanent Wyoming Mineral Trust Fund. All onies deposited into the fund are to remain inviolate, to be invested as prescribed by the legislature. Income generated to be deposited into the general fund on an annual basis.

Constitutional Amendment B
An amendment pertaining to the recapture of excess revenues for the support of public schools, is attempting to equalize school funding among all school districts in the state. If this amendment passes, school districts in Sublette County will lose money. The principals of Pinedale High, Middle and Elementary school, and many teachers, have come out in opposition to this proposed amendment.

Constitutional Amendment C
An amendment to create two permanent state funds for educational purposes. One for higher education scholarships and a second to improve the quality of higher education. Earnings must be used for purposes specified, regulated by the legislature. This amendment would also authorize funds to be invested as the legislature authorizes, including in stocks.

“Time Off to Vote”
Employers are reminded that Wyoming law mandates that employees be given an hour off to vote on election day, with some exceptions for federal employees and an employee who has three or more consecutive non-working hours during the time the polls are open. The hour off shall not be a meal hour.

Pinedale Online > News > October 2006 > Elections in Sublette County

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