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Photographer's Point. Photo by Dave Bell.
Photographer's Point

Middle Fork. Photo by Dave Bell.
Middle Fork

Columbine. Photo by Dave Bell.

Mt. Bonneville. Photo by Dave Bell.
Mt. Bonneville

Middle Fork Lake. Photo by Dave Bell.
Middle Fork Lake

Upper Boulder Creek Falls. Photo by Dave Bell.
Upper Boulder Creek Falls
Planning for summer in Pinedale
Hiking, fishing, camping, mountain biking, ATV, RV…
January 18, 2006

If you already have your calendar out dreaming about your summer trip to the Pinedale area, here are tips and links to more information to help you plan. We want to point out two things first off to keep in mind.

#1. Make your lodging reservations AS SOON AS POSSIBLE Many of the local motels, RV campsites and even some guest ranches are booking out rooms to workers in the oil and gas field because of our housing shortage and the energy extraction boom we are currently experiencing. If you know when you plan on coming, make your lodging reservations now to make sure that part is taken care of. Anyone who comes here in July thinking they will just get a room when they get here, may find everything booked up solid. This also applies for RV travelers, book your space well in advance if you want something with full hookups in the commercial RV campgrounds. If you’re set up to dry camp (no water/power/dump), there are lots of places to park without planning ahead.

#2. Remember that we are high elevation Pinedale sits at 7,100 feet. Most of the trailheads into the wilderness are around 9,000 feet, and the high country goes to over 13,000 feet for the Continental Divide peaks. That means the snow doesn’t usually come off for wilderness access until the end of June and into July for the very high country. Every year we get people who want to come climb the Cirque of the Towers in May or June and are surprised that we’ll have snow for another month and a half yet before they can get over Jackass Pass.

If you are coming from lower elevations and want to go hiking in the mountains here, be sure to plan in time to get acclimated and read up on the symptoms of altitude sickness. Even the lower valley, flat terrain hikes can put the average hiker who lives at sea level out of breath really quickly. Plan your trip with consideration for the least fit person in your group to ensure a favorable experience for everyone. The Great Outdoor Shop in Pinedale is a good stop for maps, clothing, supplies and knowledgeable advice for the backcountry.

Check out our Pinedale Online news story archives for past years to get an idea of what the weather is like and what is typically happening during the month you plan your trip: News Archive

Below you’ll find links to many resources to help you plan your visit. Whether you’re looking for a cozy remote honeymoon cabin or someone to help pack in your gear into the high wilderness, these links should help get you started. If you don’t find what you are looking for after visiting these pages, send us an e-mail and ask us. We’ll be happy to write back with a specific answer to your question or direct you to the appropriate person who can best help you: (

Photos by Dave Bell

2006 Events:
July 6-9: Green River Rendezvous
Pinedale Blues Festival 2006 date TBA (August?)
Sailing Regatta on Fremont Lake (August)
Sept. 26: Pinedale Half Marathon
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Pinedale Boat Club
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2005 Sailing Regatta on Fremont Lake Photo Gallery


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