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Pinedale Online > News > December 2005 > Wyoming declared free of Vesicular Stomatitis
Wyoming declared free of Vesicular Stomatitis
Border bans lifted for Wyoming livestock
December 29, 2005

According to a press release from the Wyoming State Livestock Board today, Wyoming has been declared free of Vesicular Stomatitis (VS). All animals in the final premise under VS quarantine in the state were found healthy and subsequently released from quarantine. The first case of V.S. in Wyoming was diagnosed in August, and the state has had one or more premise under quarantine since that time.

Vesicular Stomatitis is a viral disease that causes blisters around the mouth, nose, teats, and feet of livestock and horses. It is considered a Foreign Animal Disease in the United States, although southwestern states see outbreaks fairly frequently. Because insects transmit VS, it is rare to have trouble with the disease during winter months. On rare occasions, the virus can cause a very mild flu-like illness in people, but is not considered a true human health threat.

Canada and some states had restrictions on animals coming from Wyoming while VS was in the state. While Canada would not accept livestock or horses from affected states, most states just had varying requirements for animals from areas with VS. Now that Wyoming is free of VS, the borders to Canada will soon be re-opening and other states will probably lift their restrictions as well.

Currently, according to the USDA/APHIS website, there are two premises in the Colorado that are under a VS quarantine. When these premises are found to be clear of the disease, the United States will once again be free of VS.

According to Jaran Travis of the Wyoming Livestock Board (WLSB), this year Wyoming had a total of 141 premises under quarantine for VS in 15 counties. All animals that have contact with an animal diagnosed with VS must also be quarantined. Wyoming had 222 Equine and 87 Bovine test positive for VS, which resulted in a grand total of 1397 equine and 4391 bovine being quarantined. Most quarantines lasted 3 weeks, but several lasted a month or more.

It is impossible to predict if Wyoming will experience VS again next summer and fall. Wyoming hadnít had a case of VS in nearly 10 years when the first case was documented last August, however, Colorado had cases in both 2004 and 2005.

Pinedale Online > News > December 2005 > Wyoming declared free of Vesicular Stomatitis

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