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Wyoming 2006 Legislature
Introduced bills
December 18, 2005

Here is a look at some of the bills being considered in the 2006 Wyoming Legislative Session in February and March. Click on the link at the end of this article to go to the complete list of House and Senate bills for this session.

House Bills:
HB0011: Minors Purchasing Alcohol This bill proposes to amend the law regarding minors who are convicted of purchasiing alcohol or malt beverages to include a penalty that the minor’s driving license or permit be suspended. The suspension would be 90 days for the first offense, 6 months for a 2nd offense, and one year for a 3rd or subsequent offense.
HB0003: Annexation Agreements This act relates to cities and towns, prohibiting prohibiting finalizing of planning and zoning in annexed area until final reading of annexation ordinance; and providing for agreements on access to water or sewer services to be petitions for annexation or waivers of objection to annexation.
HB0004: Direct Shipment from Winery This bill would allow any person holding a Wyoming winery permit to sell and ship up to a total of 18 liters of its manufactured wine directly to households or Wyoming retail establishments that hold a liquor license in Wyoming. The bill limits sales to households to 18 liters over a 12 month period. The bill also would allow anyone holding a winery permit, and not listed with the liquor division, to direct sale to any Wyoming retail establishment which holds a liquor license.
HB0014: Act Authorizing additional Wyoming Highway Patrol Officers This act uses $3.7 million appropriated from the general fund to allow the Department of Transportation to hire, train and equip 20 additional full-time highway patrol troopers.

Senate Files Index:
SF0004: Deletion of E-mails from Public Record This act would allow public officials, or employees of public officials, to delete e-mails that are deemed to be “informal communication of temporary administrative information that has no enduring value and does not set office policies, establish guidelines or procedures, certify the transaction of public business or constitute a receipt.” Under the act, an official or employee may delete or destroy on-site all records of the transitory e-mail as soon as its purpose has been served.
SF0005: Privileged Communications This act, which relates to the legislature, would give privileged status to communications between a legislator and his staff for legislation that is under development and preliminary and final drafts of legislation, legislation under consideration by a legislative committee, and requests for research or advice on legislative issues. These documents currently are public records available for scrutiny by the public and media. The act includes e-mails, correspondence, notes and memoranda. (Note: The Wyoming Press Association is opposing this bill.)
SF00008: Changes to Licensing for Wyoming Outfitters and Guides This bill makes changes to the wording regarding licensing of Outfitters and Guides in Wyoming, clarifies the board’s authority to investigate and issue citations; provides for forfeiture, and prohibits the lease of lands for hunting to unlicensed outfitters. The act limits terms on the Wyoming Board of Outfitters to no more than two consecutive terms. The bill allows seizure and forfeiture to the state of firearms, livestock, pack equipment, tack, vehicles, aircraft, electronic devices and other equipment used by persons conducting illegal outfitting and guiding. The bill makes it a misdemeanor for private property owners to directly or indirectly lease their land to unlicensed outfitters and guides for hunting purposes.
SF0017 Willful Abandonment of Sheep This bill makes it unlawful for anyone having charge of sheep to willfully abandon them on the open range or leave them without care, unless the life or health of the herder is in imminent or immediate danger. Herders must give not less than 5 days notice before abandoning a flock, or risk a $5,000 fine and up to a year imprisonment. Anyone offering alternative employment to a herder, knowing it would cause him to abandon the sheep, would face a $10-20,000 fine and possible year imprisonment.
SF0018: Misuse of State Lands This bill would make it a misdemeanor to remove forest products from state lands without a valid contract or small sale permit. It also makes hunting or fishing violations on state lands a misdemeanor and gives law enforcement the authority to enforce regulations on state lands.
SF0025: Minors Riding in Pickup Trucks This bill proposes prohibiting anyone under the age of 18 from riding in the bed of pickup trucks on a public street or highway. The bill does not apply to parades, emergency vehicles, farm equipment operations, or authorized search and rescue vehicle operations.

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