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Pinedale Online > News > November 2005 > ‘No Truck Parking’ ordinance still alive
‘No Truck Parking’ ordinance still alive
Pinedale Town Council News
by Bob Rule, KPIN Radio 101.1 FM
November 15, 2005

The Pinedale Town Council heard arguments Monday night, November 14, from both sides of the issue on its proposed ordinance to ban the parking of semi-trucks on streets and private property in most of Pinedale.

To the surprise of almost everyone, the discussion was opened by Mayor Skinner announcing that the proposed ordinance, now on second reading, had been revised to permit the parking of semi-trucks on private property in Pinedale, as long as that property is zoned C1 or C2. This includes most of the property in Pinedale extending a block and a half north of Pine Street, and two blocks south of Pine Street. Previously, the wording of the proposed ordinance would have banned the parking of semis on private property which is zoned C1 and C2.

But, the ordinance would still ban the parking of semis on the streets of Pinedale, both residential and business, and it would also ban the parking of semis on residential private property… with an exception for loading or unloading, and also if the parking was for a period of time of two hours or less.

Speaking in favor of the proposed ordinance were a couple of Pinedale residents concerned about the noise and air pollution caused by semi-trucks parked and idling in residential areas. They also spoke in favor of the ordinance out of concern for the safety of children and seniors.

But, the vast majority of those speaking were opposed to the proposed ordinance. These Pinedale residents consisted mostly of semi-truck owners/operators, and their families, who have no other place to park their rigs. It was pointed out that these owner/operators carefully checked on the Town’s ordinances prior to buying their homes here, and purchased their homes in Pinedale knowing they could park their trucks in front of their homes. These owner/operators pointed out a need to plug their trucks’ engines into an electrical outlet to keep them warm during the winter, and without doing this, their trucks simply would not start in the morning. They pointed out that there is no known location in Pinedale, other than in front of their homes, to do this.

It was also pointed out that the home building industry routinely parks big rigs on residential lots during the construction of new homes, and this ordinance would require that they move their trucks off and back on to the property daily, which would actually cause more problems than just leaving them there during the construction. A concrete contractor pointed out that he leaves his big rig at a job site for several days, so that the concrete forms can be loaded up once the concrete has set.

One person commented that Pinedale used to be a town of working people, but now it appears there are those who want to "…turn Pinedale into a town of wannabe Californians".

Following the discussion, the Pinedale Town Council voted with voice vote in favor of the proposed ordinance, with no “no” votes being heard, but Mayor Skinner pointed out that this vote does not necessarily indicate the Council’s position on this matter, but instead, keeps the matter open for discussion. The third and final reading will be on the fourth Monday of November, which is November 28th, and Mayor Skinner says she is expecting a big turn out of Pinedale citizens on both sides of the issue for this final reading and final vote.

Pinedale Online > News > November 2005 > ‘No Truck Parking’ ordinance still alive

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