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Hungry Horses. Photo by Scott and Karen Almdale, New Hampshire.
Hungry Horses
Horses following the feed wagon. Photo by Scott & Karen Almdale of Westmoreland, New Hampshire.
What I Love about Pinedale
January 18, 2005

Here are more comments viewers have sent in about what they like about Pinedale. Thank you for writing!

"Hi.....just want to let u know that my wife, Karen, and I spent a few days in Pinedale for a few days between X-mas and New Years. We had a great time. We spent almost all day with Kay (Malkowski) at Wagons Across Wyoming. She was fabulous! Kay was, indeed, a rugged and authentic cowgirl. She made us rub elbows with her by feeding her horses, cows, llamas, and various other animals. We hauled about 20 bales of hay onto a sleigh. Then, we hooked up the sleigh with two Belgium horses to pull us to a meadow about a quarter of mile away. Once we got to the meadow, we removed twine, pulled apart the bales, and sprinkled the hay over the snow as we moved along on the sleigh. About twenty-five horses followed us to feed on the hay. It would snow a bit, then the sun will come out, and then it would snow again. When the sun came out, the Wyoming blueness of the sky and the vastness of the space would overwhelm us. It was a magical moment for both of us. When we finished the chore, we had a hearty tomato soup with cowboy-style cornbread that was baked in the cast iron pan. Next day, we went up to the White Pine Ski Resort to do Nordic skiing. We were surprised to find out that the groomed trials were free to use. We were impressed with the groomed Nordic ski trail network. It was snowing like heck while we skied. Another magical moment for us! On the way back to Jackson to catch a plane to return home, we were stunned by the panorama view of the mountains near the Hoback Rim. The storm just had dumped up to two feet of snow there. We were almost blinded by the whiteness of the snow reflected by the sun. Here are some pictures (digitol) that I think you might like to have. Many thanks for the great hospitality you all extended to us!" –New Hampshire
"I had never been to Pinedale until my husband took me camping at the Green River Lakes. His family has gone up for 50 years and love it. I love Pinedale because everyone smiles and waves, the surrounding area is beautiful and who can beat a deal at Falers or a Place burger?!" - Utah
"I spent a great couple of weeks on the Murdock Cattle Ranch nearly ten years ago. I had a fantastic stay there and they are lovely people. I can't begin to list what I liked about Pinedale. There is a lovely atmosphere, very friendly people, beautiful scenery and a great mix of shops, bars and restaurants. I loved the place and was really sad to leave after such a short time.
I will certainly come back some day. In the mean time your excellent web site keeps me up to date, and I regularly check out the web cam pictures." - Scotland

Pinedale Online > News > January 2005 > What I Love about Pinedale

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