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Pinedale Online > News > December 2004 > Pinedale is a Slice of Heaven
Pinedale is a Slice of Heaven
December 16, 2004

Here’s another e-mail we received not too long ago from a visitor about Pinedale.

"I am from Missouri. My first trip to Pinedale in 1996 changed me forever. ince '96 I have visited 5 times, most recently this year, and Pinedale is as friendly as ever. I truly love the rustic setting and friendly atmosphere that IS Pinedale.

My first stop in Pinedale was Faler's to pick up last minute supplies for our hike to Palmer Lake, Cutthroat Lake and Lozier Lakes....We were interested in the area around Pinedale and the history of the Rendevous and the Mountain Men, Some of which originally came from Missouri. So we decided to hang around for a while after our expedition into the Winds.

Since then I have brought several friends to Pinedale for their first time and they, in turn, have brought of their friends for their First time and it seems that many of my friends have been to Pinedale upon my recommendation and everyone just loves it. The town is so beautifully situated between the Wind River Gros Ventre and Wyoming ranges, there is a beautiful view of mountains any which way you look. I have been lucky enough to enjoy beautiful weather on almost every trip I've taken into the Winds, all the way from hiking the Skyline trail from Green River Lakes to New Fork Park to Titcomb Basin to Big Sandy and many trails in between.

Pinedale is a slice of heaven, it amazes me that more people don’t live in this area, but we wouldn’t want that necessarily...would we ; ) This past year I brought my new bride through Pinedale on our honeymoon. We spent a few days camping and a few days just enjoying Pinedale, now she wants to go's just contageous. We'll be seeing you soon.

PS - Dave Bell, your photos are outstanding! Do you have many from the interior trails of the Wind Rivers? I would love to see some photos of the Palmer Lake area show up on some day. Thanks!!"

Pinedale Online > News > December 2004 > Pinedale is a Slice of Heaven

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