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Pinedale Online > News > December 2004 > More What I Love About Pinedale
More What I Love About Pinedale
E-mails from our viewers
December 8, 2004

We love getting e-mails from our viewers about what they like and love about Pinedale! Here are more great messages that came in recently.

"I love Pinedale because it's literally a place where everybody knows your name. I know, I know, sometimes that's not the best thing in the world, but it sure is nice to walk down the street, see someone you know, and stop to say hi to them.

Pinedale is a great place to grow up. It's not too crowded but not totally secluded. Ok, ok, one hundred miles to the nearest Wal-Mart might seem a bit secluded to some people. I like to think that there is a small town with hard working people as most of the population. That there is still some little town with a place called Knotty Pine Plaza, where people can buy crafts and antique furniture. I like the fact that our phone book is smaller than most of the books in the high school library, or maybe even the elementary school library. It may be convenient once in a while to drive half a block to get to Wal-Mart, but I don't think anyone would appreciate it if the big time corporate people tore down a kids park, or ran out some family run shop just so they can build an ugly store where they Sell for Less all the time.

Pinedale has plenty of its own beauty. I love waking up in the morning to mountains, trees, and fresh blue sky. People may complain that it's too small and in the middle of nowhere. All I have to say to that is, while you're hear you might as well open your eyes and see what Pinedale has to offer. If you look hard enough you might just see a diamond in the middle of the desert." Anonymous

"Have been coming to Pinedale in late September for the last ten years. We drive to your town straight from Arkansas to rest for a day and half before going to the mountains for a 2-week long backpacking trip. I love everything about your town: Faler's, because we can get there pretty much any last minutes groceries and supplies; Outdoor Shop, even if we typically do not buy anything there, just because it became tradition to browse there hoping to find something we do not already have; Best Western Hotel, because we can even bring our dogs in; the Wrangler Cafe, because they have the best pies there and I can eat them. This is the only time during year when I do not need to watch what I eat at all since I know that during the next two weeks in the mountains I will live on fish and barely anything else and lose 10-12 pounds. And then there is one place we absolutely loved and now we miss, because there is no more. Awesome awesome German restaurant we always would go to after finishing our hike. On the last day in the mountains the thought of their Rueben sandwich would make us move a lot faster on the way down to the car. It was so disappointing to find out that there were no more.

I left the best for last. The main reason for loving Pinedale is the fact that there are only few miles from Pinedale to Big Sandy, Elkhart, or Green River trailheads. And then, there are the most beautiful mountains in the world. There is absolutely nothing I would rather do then backpack in the Winds in late September.

P.S. I also need to add that I start every day of my life going to your website and checking on weather and news. So, I guess, I need to add that I also love Pinedaleonline."

"The number one reason that I love Pinedale is because of the people that I meet there. The number two reason is the beauty of the outdoors. The third reason is the tranquility, the peace and quiet. We come from Northern California, 76 miles north of Sacramento. We went to Pinedale three times in the past 6 years. We're planning to come up this summer and enjoy the beauty of Wyoming. Just like the beauty of Dick Cheney's wife, after all I'm a Republican. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank everybody in Pinedale that went out of their way to show me a good time, especially fishing." -A.H, California

Pinedale Online > News > December 2004 > More What I Love About Pinedale

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