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Pinedale Online > News > October 2004 > Great local books about life in the Green River Valley

Carvings on the Aspens. Photo by Pinedale Online.
Carvings on the Aspens

Seeds-Ke-Dee Revisited. Photo by Pinedale Online.
Seeds-Ke-Dee Revisited

Daniel Wyoming The First 100 Years. Photo by Pinedale Online.
Daniel Wyoming The First 100 Years
Great local books about life in the Green River Valley
History, stories, photos, artwork
by Dawn Ballou
October 8, 2004

If you are looking for some of the best books on local history, we highly recommend the ones listed below that are still currently available about the area. Copies are available from Office Outlet in Pinedale by calling with your credit card number, 307-367-6763. Some of these books are getting in very limited supply from their initial print runs, so if you are interested in them, we strongly recommend ordering soon. These books are tremendous resources for anyone interested in the colorful and rich history of Sublette County, Wyoming. Cost is shown by the book. Shipping additional, and depends on method shipped and destination.

Carvings on the Aspens and Collection of Poems ($26.00)
Seeds-Ke-Dee Revisited, Land of Blue Granite and Silver Sage ($39.00)
Daniel Wyoming, The First Hundred Years, 1900-2000 (2-volume set $50.00)

Carvings on the Aspens The most recently published book is entitled, 'Carvings on the Aspens and Collection of Poems', published in 2004. This book commemorates the 75th anniversary of the Sublette County Artists' Guild and pays tribute to its six founding members. Carvings on the Aspens was originally published in 1956 and Collection of Poems in the late 1930s. These were the first works published by the Guild and have long been out of print. In the new book, they appear in their original formats and are supplemented by biographical information and 28 pages of photographs which illustrate the writings and documents activities of the Guild over the years. "These books celebrate the indomitable spirit of those who chose to make this remote part of Wyoming their home. Depicted are many facets of life from the hardships to the rewards of carving livelihoods out of the vastness of the deserts, plains and mountains of Sublette County. The Guild continues to be active and has published seven previous books. In 1999, the Sublette County Artists' Guild received the Governor's Arts Award for outstanding service to the arts and the 1999 Publication Awared from the Wyoming State Historical Society for an outstanding Wyoming history publication." The founding members of the SCAG were Lora Neal Jewett, Josephine Jons Jones, Marie Meyer, Mary Annette Murdock, Louise 'Louie' Rathbun, May McAlister Sommers.

Seeds-Ke-Dee Revisited Seeds-Ke-Dee Revisited, Land of Blue Granite and Silver Sage is the 7th book by the Sublette County Artists' Guild. The book is the fourth in the 'Seeds-Ke-dee' series. This is a historical folklore of Wyoming's Green River Valley. Continuing the tradition, forty-seven members and nine guests have written 209 pieces of prose and 116 poems with 211 photographs, 36 black and white pieces of artwork and 8 color paintings about life in the Seeds-Ke-Dee, the Crow Indian name for the Green River Valley. Photographs supplement the family and personal histories. This is a limited edition printing of 1500 books and there aren't a lot left. Each is numbered. This 464-page hard-bound book includes works by Caryn Murdock Bing, Madge McHugh Funk, Tharon Greenwood, Barbara Budd, Helena Linn, Ethelyne Worl, Fern Toth, Judi Myers, Ann Chambers Noble, Cris Paravicini, Jonita Sommers, Lynn Thomas, Eileen Fronk Dockham, Dele Ball and many more too numerous to mention. Beautiful artwork. Printed in 1998, there are still a limited supply of these left for sale. Once gone, this edition will join the earlier Seeds-Ke-Dee books that are tightly held and rarely available on the used book market. IF you can find one of the earlier books on E-bay or from a used book seller, they are expensive. The stories in these books are first-hand accounts, rich in depth about life in the west and our Green River Valley in Wyoming.

Daniel Wyoming, The First Hundred Years, 1900-2000 This two-volume set (779 pages) was published in 2000 by the Daniel Community Center to commemorate the rich 100-year history of the tiny community of Daniel, Wyoming, located 11 miles west of Pinedale. Only 1000 books were printed, and each is numbered. This is a book of the history of Daniel and the surrounding areas written by members of the local community (Hayden H. Huston, Pat Walker, Barbara Pape, Sean Reed, Jonita Sommers, Cris Paravicine, Nita Baker Gibbens, DeeAnn Price, Sharon David Stearn, Dianne Roberts Boroff). The stories in these two books cover the time before there was a town of Daniel, trails to highways, the beginning of the town, Daniel as it grew, pioneers and landmark buildings, making a living and more. It has stories about the local ranches and ranchers for Merna, Bronx, Burns and Daniel. It also includes appendices with info on the Daniel Cemetery, Daniel area census from 1900-1920, Daniel voters from 1900-1946, Daniel school census 1908-1912, and Daniel area brands. Ranches mentioned in this book include the Grindstone Cattle Company, Pape Ranches, David Ranch, Sommers Ranch, Bootjack Ranch, Seven Mile River Ranch, Miller Land & Livestock, and many more.

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  • Pinedale Online > News > October 2004 > Great local books about life in the Green River Valley

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