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Fire Update
Monday, July 9, 2001 5:00 pm
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Fires At a Glance
  • Cooler temperatures, higher humidity, and some showers have helped firefighters considerably combating area lightning-caused wildfires that began on July 4th.
  • The Buck and Fisherman Creek fires that make up the Fisherman Complex are hoped to be contained by Tuesday. Fire camp has been set up at the Hoback Guard Station north of Bondurant and as many as 500 people from expert fire fighting crews across the country were brought in on Saturday & Sunday to help on these fires. Due to the recent rains, some of these crews have already been sent to other fires. A Type I Incident Management Team is overseeing the firefighting efforts, in cooperation with personnel from the Bridger-Teton National Forest and the Sublette County Sheriff's Office and Emergency Management Team.
  • The Greys River Complex, now estimated at 210 acres, is composed of the Deer Creek fire, Fawn fire, Murphy Lake fire, and the Lost Creek and Little Blind fires. It is being called 30% contained today.
  • For more information about fires on the Bridger-Teton National Forest, see their fire web site:
  • Firewood permits are still being issued from the Forest Service. No campfire restrictions are in effect yet.
  • Pinedale Online will be updating this fire information as often as needed.

Bridger-Teton National Forest latest Press Releases: July 8 & 9, 2001:
Greys River Complex Fire Fact Sheet
Fire Crews Released as Teams get a grip on Complex Fires

Hoback Fisherman Complex Fire Camp

Public meeting in Bondurant Sunday evening.
Fire fighting officials held a public meeting Sunday evening for Hoback Ranches residents to explain the fire situation and answer questions.

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Teton Fires
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National Interagency Fire Center NIFC Wildland Fire Map

Press Releases

Bridger-Teton Fire Info
Staffed Phone: 307-739-5500
8:00 am-4:30 pm
Jay Anderson, Public Affairs

Pinedale Ranger District
29 CR-154, Pinedale

Big Piney Ranger District
315 S. Front, Big Piney

Where to report fires:
Sublette County Sheriff's Office

911 or 307-367-4378
Pinedale Ranger District
Big Piney Ranger District
BTNF Supervisor's Office (Jackson)

Teton Fire Dispatch
(Grand Teton Park in Moose)


Callers are reminded that if they are using a cell phone, they may not get a local office when they dial 911. The best place to call for area fires is either the local Sheriff's office or the Bridger-Teton Fire Office. Be prepared to give a location of the smoke, your name, where you are calling from, and how they can get ahold of you again for more information if needed.

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Monday, July 9, 2001 5 pm update

Cloudy skies and rain showers have helped considerably to slow down fires burning in the Fisherman Creek and Buck Creek areas near Bondurant. Fire fighting officials were taking no chances and brought in Hot Shot Crews and a Type I Team to help manage the fires that had the potential to threaten homes in the Hoback Ranches area. Favorable weather conditions, ground suppression crews, helicopters, fire engines, dozers and aerial retardant drops have all helped firefighters get a handle on these two fires to call them nearly contained.

The Fisherman Creek Complex, composed of two separate fires, one in Fisherman Creek north of Hwy 191 and the Hoback Ranches area, and the other on Buck Creek near South Beaver. The Fisherman Creek fire is 100% contained. The Buck Creek fire is hoped to be 100% contained by this evening.

The Greys River Complex consists of 5 separate fires being managed together. Main firefighting efforts are focusing on two fires:
Deer Creek fire, 165 acres, 25% contained
Fawn Creek fire, 45 acres, 50% contained

New Fires
Another new fire has been identified on the forest near LaBarge Meadows, south of Big Piney, WY. At the time of this report, the exact size and location of the fire is unknown, but its presence has been confirmed. Five engines and one helicopter have been dispatched for initial attack. With this afternoon's lightning, firefighters have been out checking on reports on other possible fires in locations around the area. We'll have more information on these as it becomes available.

July 7, 2001 BTNF Fire Map
July 6 Fisherman Complex fire map
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Fisherman Creek
BTNF Fire Map
Fisherman Creek Fire Map
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Buck Creek
BTNF Fire Map
Buck Creek Fire Map
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Fire officials give Hoback Ranches residents a tour of the Hoback Fire CampFire Officials Hold Public Meeting
Fire officials met with Bondurant area residents last evening at the Hoback Guard Station Fire Camp to explain the fire situation and answer questions about fires in the Hoback Ranches area. Understandably very concerned about fires on either side of the Hoback Ranches, residents expressed their fears about the possibility of fires reaching their homes. Sublette County fire officials assured residents that a plan was in place and people were ready to move in should it become necessary. Residents have a telephone tree calling system in place to help them notify each other in the event of an emergency situation.

"It's very scary. I've got planes and helicopters flying over my house."
"We packed on Thursday in case we have to run away quick."
"Fire isn't new to us. We were here in '88. But it wasn't this close."

Residents expressed their fears and concerns at the meeting Sunday night with firefighters and Bridger-Teton National Forest staff. Officials felt early on that the potential of these fires, and their proximity to the Hoback Ranches, could be quite serious if the weather patterns continued as they were. They requested outside assistance to help out their already spread thin crews. The 32-member Type I Team brought in are experts, trained for the "most complex incidents". Hot Shot crews, highly-trained firefighting units, from all over the country were reassigned to Wyoming when recent rains freed them up from fires in Nevada and other areas.
Fire camp in Bondurant has expanded the local population to over 600 The Management Team gave residents the best assurances they could to hold back the fires with all the resources they had available. The recent weather has helped considerably to slow the fire and allow them to get a handle on them. Even when they are called 'Controlled', officials cautioned that they would need to have people checking these fires until the snow flies before they could be 100% sure they are totally out. Before the meeting, one firefighter commented, "You can tell the local folks we can't control what the weather does, but they have some of the best firefighters on the planet in their backyard right now. We'll do everything we can to help and keep their homes safe."

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Globe Interagency Hotshots
Jacksonville Wildland Division, Jacksonville, Oregon
Winema Hotshots, south central Oregon
Bondurant Fire Department
Mt Vernon, Oregon fire crews
Firefighters at camp
Cyranos Wildland Services
Aspect Fire National Wildland Fire Support
Fremont County, Wyoming firefighters


Press Releases:
July 9, 2001 (BTNF) Greys River Complex Fire Fact Sheet
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July 8, 2001 (BTNF) Greys River Complex Fire Fact Sheet
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July 7, 2001 (BTNF) Greys River Complex Fire Fact Sheet
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July 5, 2001 8:00 am (BTNF) Eleven Fires Burning on Bridger-Teton National Forest


Anyone with concerns about fires can contact the Sublette County Sheriff's office at 307-367-4376, or the Pinedale Ranger District, 307-367-4326. Hikers in the wilderness who may have cell phones and can get a signal out can call 911 and ask to be routed to the Sublette County Sheriff's office if they have concerns.

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