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10 Bucks
Pinedale Online photo

August Updates:
August 30 - All trails now open
August 24 - Still lots of little fires
August 19 - Fires under control, for now
August 14 - Fires, fires everywhere
August 11 - Fire danger still high
August 6 - Fire restrictions in effect

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Black wolf
Black Wolf
National Park Service photo

Wednesday, August 30th 
All trails now open

The Long Lake & Glimpse Lake trails are now open, as well as the trail along Half Moon Lake. All trails and trailheads into the west side of the Wind River Range are currently open. Visitors are still cautioned that they enter the wilderness area at their own risk, and are advised to be very alert to escape routes should new  fires start near them. The Pinedale Ranger District says they are still finding folks building fires to stay warm.  No campfires are allowed anywhere, in campgrounds or the back country of the wilderness. Fire danger is EXTREME. There is currently an open fire restriction on all of the Bridger-Teton National Forest. Liquid fuel only is allowed.

Go to www.tetonfires.com for more information about wild fires on the Bridger-Teton National Forest and Grand Teton & Yellowstone National Parks. Read more about the fires near Pinedale  here.

Sublette County issued a partial closure due to the extreme fire danger effective August 26th. The discharge of fireworks and all outdoor fires are prohibited in unimproved areas. Allowed exceptions to this ban are:

  • Trash or refuse fires between 6 pm & 8 am. (No burning between 8 am & 6 pm.)
  • Campfires contained within an established fire ring at an established campground.
  • Charcoal fires within enclosed grills.
  • Use of acetylene cutting torches or electric arc welders in cleared areas 10 feet in radius.
  • Propane or open fire branding activities in cleared areas 10 feet in radius.
School starts next week for Pinedale students. High school students will find a new paved parking lot at the high school and a brand new sculpture out in front. The weather is definitely feeling fallish now too. We woke up to frost on the car windows that needed to be scraped morning before last. Leaves on trees are beginning to turn yellow. Geese are migrating in V's across the sky, and the bucks are moving in groups. The picture above was taken in town just one block from the high school, where 11 bucks congregated at dusk to enjoy the clover in a resident's back yard (only 10 fit in the picture). 

Thursday, August 24th 
Still lots of little fires... Elkhart trailhead open

Last Friday afternoon Governor Jim Geringer declared the entire state of Wyoming a disaster area, citing dangerous fire and drought conditions. On a local scale, we've been fortunate that today all of the fires on the Pinedale Ranger District are being called "contained". The closure has been partially lifted, and access to Elkhart Park trailhead is open again. The trails to Long Lake & Glimpse Lake are still closed due to the Triangle fire. The road to Half Moon Lake is open only to homeowners, overnight guests of Half Moon Lake Resort, and firefighting personnel. 

In addition to these two bigger fires, we've had a number of smaller ones as well, mostly from lighting strikes. Small fires near Slide Lake, Twin Creeks, North Cottonwood, and Little Horse Creek are out. Another small fire approximately 5 miles up from the Boulder trailhead reached about 6 acres in size. Due to its location in a narrow canyon, the trail was closed, but may reopen by the weekend. 

The Pinedale Ranger District says they are still finding folks in the back country building fires to stay warm. Fire danger is EXTREME. There is currently an open fire restriction on all of the Bridger-Teton National Forest. Liquid fuel only is allowed. No campfires are allowed anywhere, even in campgrounds.

Go to www.tetonfires.com for more information about wild fires on the Bridger-Teton National Forest and Grand Teton & Yellowstone National Parks. Read more about the fires near Pinedale  here.

In other news, the winner's of Tuesday's Republican Primary were incumbent Sublette County Commissioner Gordon Johnston of Daniel and incumbent House District 20 Representative Louie Tomassi of Big Piney defeating Mickey LaVoie of Pinedale and Monte Olson of Daniel. 

Half Moon fire camp
Half Moon fire camp on Fremont Lake
Pinedale Online photo

Saturday, August 19th 
Fires under control here, for now...

The Half Moon fire was declared 100% contained as of 6 pm last night. Expected control of this fire is around September 1st. The Triangle is being called 50% contained and not expected to be controlled until the snow flies. The Type II Team will be leaving Pinedale tomorrow to take over the Boulder and Blind fires, leaving management of the Half Moon/Triangle fire complex to the local level. The four 20-man crews No open fires allowed on the Bridger-Teton National Forestwill remain here today through tomorrow.  The Bridger-Teton National Forest has put a forest-wide open fire ban in effect due to the extreme fire danger.

Click here for the latest information on Pinedale fires. A new web site has been created that has information on all fires on the Bridger-Teton forest:

With all the fire activity and closures around Half Moon Lake we wanted to emphasize that Lakeside Lodge, over on Fremont Lake (and next to the fire base camp), is still open for business and fully operational! The public can still use their marina, rent boats, stay in their log cabins, motel & RV park, fish, boat & hike as usual. The National Forest boat ramp just down the road is open for public access to Fremont Lake, and Lakeside Lodge on Fremont Lake is still open!the Fremont Lake Forest Service campground & boat dock on Fremont Lake road is still open to public access. Chef Wendy of Lakeside Lodge is cooking up great food in their restaurant and the view of the Wind River Mountains & Fremont Lake from the lodge deck can't be beat! For information and reservations, call 307-367-2221 or visit them on the web at  www.lakesidelodge.com.

Pinedale Airport Improvement Project and Runway Closure
Pinedale Wenz Field airport will be closed due to construction for about 3 weeks commencing about September 11th. The tentative schedule is to close the runway 24 hours daily. There will be a runway closure at night only due to no lighting for an additional 14 days which need not be consecutive. The parallel taxiway will be closed during most of the construction period. The project involves asphalt overlay of the current runway, relocation of some cross taxiways & lighting systems, upgrading of the airport layout plan/instrument survey, installation of a perimeter game fence, and other improvements. Pilots are advised to check NOTAMS or call the FBO for current updates during the construction period, 307-367-2290. To receive future Pinedale Airport notices, send a short request note with your name and mailing address to Pinedale Airport Board, PO Box 1766, Pinedale, WY 82941.

Half Moon firecamp
Half Moon firecamp on Fremont Lake
Pinedale Online photo

Monday, August 14th 
Fires, fires everywhere... 

Like many other places in the west, the Bridger-Teton National Forest is experiencing an incredible fire season with many fires, big and small, sending columns of smoke into the sky. Around Pinedale, 2 fires are keeping the Pinedale Ranger District personnel busy, only one of which currently threatens structures and lives. The Half Moon fire, currently at about 1000 acres, started Saturday near the trail around the lake Fontenelle fire from Pinedaleand is believed to be man-caused. We've been posting frequent updates on the status of this, and the Triangle fire which is burning in the wilderness, here on Pinedale Online (see link at the top of this page). Other larger fires, not on the Pinedale Ranger District, can be plainly seen from town filling the sky with brown haze and giving us beautiful sunsets for the past several weeks.

Many people are obviously very concerned about their planned trips into the Bridger Wilderness and hikes in the area. Please check with the Pinedale Ranger District before venturing out to get the latest conditions. Obviously, be extremely careful with fire. Absolutely no fires are allowed outside of designated areas. The Forest Service is still catching people in dispersed areas with campfires.

A closure is currently in effect for the area east of Fremont Lake which includes Elkhart Park trailhead. You can try calling the District office for information, but be patient if it takes awhile before the phone gets answered. Their office lobby is packed with folks trying to get answers to questions and firefighters moving in and out to the fire camp. The Forest Service is doing a fantastic job of keeping things organized and moving considering the relative chaos that is going on right now and how short-handed they are for the fires. The Sublette County Sheriff's Office, Search & Rescue, and Citizens Patrol have put in many hours assisting with these fires and evacuating visitors. Half Moon Lake Resort deserves special recognition for their tremendous assistance as this fire progresses providing boat transportation and packers to get people & equipment to and from the fire. Half Moon Resort moved their guests into town as a safety precaution. White Pine Ski area stands ready with dozers and operators in case the fire crosses over the ridge and hits the timber in their direction.

We're keeping in close contact with the Forest Service and will keep posting fire information here on Pinedale Online as we get it, so please keep checking back

Canoeing on Fremont Lake
Canoeing on Fremont Lake
Photo by Pinedale Online!

Friday, August 11th - Fire danger still high...

Fire danger is still high and fire restrictions are still in effect on Bridger-Teton National Forest land. Recreationists are being asked to be extra cautious with fires and cigarettes outdoors, and to report any fires they see promptly to authorities. A list of the fire restrictions can be obtained from the local District offices. Firefighters have extinguished 4 new fires since Monday on the Forest. The newest fire is the Enos Lake fire located within the Teton Wilderness. This lightning-caused fire started Wednesday evening, August 9th, and is still being fought. The Boulder Creek Fire within the Little Granite Creek drainage is currently at 3,360 acres and 10% contained. The evacuation order and closure for this drainage are still in effect, which means Granite Hot Springs is closed until the fire is under control. The 700 acre Irish Canyon fire, which began from a lightning strike Tuesday, August 1st, is now out.

The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service has reported the first calf kill by a wolf in the Upper Green River drainage last Thursday. The rancher will be compensated for this loss.

John Ross, of Two Rivers Emporium here in Pinedale, has a weekly flyfishing hatch report that is a great help to all you flyfishermen taking to the Green River and area streams. This week he talks about the Trico hatch that is going on right now in Sublette County causing the Browns to "go nuts". Read John's reports each week on his web site at www.2rivers.net

The week of August 26th - September 4th the Lozier's Box "R" Ranch is having their Centennial Thank You Celebration. Events are planned for each day the entire week and include a Working Cowboy's & Performance horse sale, a family memorial dedication, a starlight beach picnic at Willow Lake, barbecues, and a sunrise breakfast on Big Flattop Mountain to honor past & present crew of the Box "R". Please call 307-367-2291 for more information about events and details of the schedule. 

Next Friday, August 18th, the Sublette Center will hold their annual picnic here in Pinedale. This is a great chance to visit and see old friends at the Center.

On Tuesday, August 22nd, everyone is invited to the Big Piney, Marbleton & LaBarge Annual Community Picnic to be held in the grassy area behind the Fine Arts Center in Big Piney. Bring your favorite covered dish. Drinks, burgers & potato salad will be provided.

The first day of school for Pinedale students is Tuesday, September 5th. Big Piney students.go back Wednesday, August 24th. School supply lists have been printed in the local papers, as well as posted at Office Outlet in Pinedale & Big Piney.

Little Buckaroo Rodeo
Little Buckaroo Rodeo
Photo by Pinedale Online!

August 6thh - Fire restrictions in effect....

As of Wednesday morning, fire restrictions went into effect throughout the state of Wyoming. Basically it means campfires are permitted only in developed campgrounds in designated fire pit areas. Smoking is allowed only in vehicles, buildings, or developed recreation sites. Camp stoves using pressurized or liquid gas are permitted. Please check with the Forest Service District office or campground host for the complete list of restrictions now in effect on National Forest lands. 

The Little Buckaroo Rodeo was a hoot last Wednesday night at the Sublette County Fair! Here are some of the pictures: 

The Pinedale Boat Club Fremont Lake Sailing Regatta continues today with 2 more races. Three races were held yesterday. These pictures are from the first race which was held under beautiful blue skies and a brisk warm breeze across the lake. 

What About Bob? off to a good startGreat winds for sailing!
Getting into position to start the first raceThe LaVoie team gets the sails ready while What About Bob heads out
Boats big and small compete in the regatta

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