Sublette Sperintendent
District #1


101 E Hennick

Pinedale High School
Pinedale Wranglers
101 E Hennick

Pinedale Middle School
227 E Hennick

Pinedale Elementary School
665 N Tyler

Pinedale Pool:
Activity Bus Info:


Sublette Superintendent
District #9

Big Piney/Marbleton/LaBarge
115 S Nichols

Big Piney High School
Big Piney Punchers
916 Piney Dr

Big Piney Middle School
201 S Nichols

Big Piney Elementary School
225 S Nichols

Big Piney Pool
916 Piney Dr


Sublette County Schools, K-12
Sublette County School Districts #1 and #9

Sublette County is divided into two school districts for public schools Kindergarten through 12th grade.

SCSD#1 - Pinedale
The northern half of the county, and Bondurant, are in Sublette County School District #1. Students attending these schools are from Pinedale, Boulder, Cora, Daniel and Bondurant. The middle and high schools are located near each other in a large school block complex in Pinedale. The elementary school is located west of Pinedale, accessed from Ehman Lane. The Pinedale school block complex includes the 2 schools, a running track, football field, separate cafeteria/dining area, and playground areas. Each school has their own gymnasium for sports events. The complex also includes an indoor swimming pool, open to the public, as well as a large public auditorium for performances. The small community of Bondurant has their own small elementary school. Older students from this community are bussed to Pinedale Middle and High School. Pinedale Wranglers

The Pinedale High School sports teams are called the Wranglers, with green and white as their school colors. Sports include football, basketball, swimming, track, nordic & alpine skiing. Other courses include Band, Choir, Spanish and Drama.

Sculpture in front of the Pinedale High School

Sculpture in front of the Pinedale High School

SCSD#9 - Big Piney/Marbleton/LaBarge
The southern half of the county is in Sublette County School District #9. Students attending these schools are from Big Piney and Marbleton. Elementary students from LaBarge, Wyoming, which is actually in Lincoln County, are bussed to Big Piney schools in Sublette County as a matter of practicality due to closer proximity. The facilities include individual schools for each level, a public swimming pool, and a community auditorium for public performances.

Big Piney PunchersBig Piney teams are the Punchers, with red and white as their school colors. Sports activities include football, basketball, volleyball, track and swimming. Courses include calculus, physics, chemistry, welding, woods, drafting, choir, band, accounting, art and other classes.

Despite being small, both school districts have exceptional schools with impressive programs to offer students, despite a county population of approximately 10,000 people. The thriving oil & gas industry, both currently and historically, has significantly contributed to the quality of the school facilities available to students in this area. Both school districts have public swimming schools in their high school complexes. Each has a separate elementary, middle and high school. Both districts offer many sports activities, impressive school libraries, computer/technology classes, as well as a wide variety of courses for students to choose from. Classes sizes are small, typically under 20 students per teacher, allowing personalized attention and quality instruction. Both districts also enjoy a high degree of parental involvement and business community support (volunteer time and financial support) for school functions.

See the contact information at left for phone numbers for the individual schools.

For information about school jobs, testing standards, and additional contacts, see the Wyoming Department of Education web site:

Both local school districts have web sites and information online for their respective schools, including calendars, photos of recent events, and contact information.


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