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Financial/Administrative Assistant
Obo’s Market & Deli

Title:Financial/Administrative Assistant
Description:Obo’s Market & Deli LLC is seeking to hire a Financial/Administrative Assistant. This position combines the primary responsibility for our accounts payable, sales taxes, vendor relationships, coordinating with various fellow staff members on such projects as Loss/Waste reports, resolving questionable financial reports, and responsibility for taking inventories.

A thorough familiarity with QuickBooks and experience using the features offered by QuickBooks is considered as a critical requirement for a candidate to be successful in this position. Also, it will be important to develop a good working knowledge of a companion system referred to as SSCS (Service Station Computer Systems, Inc.), which is a powerful tool for managing the complexity of the competitive retail fuel business. SSCS, (the Company) offers formal training as well as help desk access to accomplish this working knowledge.

Ideally, this job will be a full-time (40 hours per week) position. Although it might be appropriate to accommodate the realities of the candidate’s particular needs and preferences. For instance, the time demands are heaviest in the second week of the month when Obo’s "closes its books" on the preceding month. This is one example of "tailoring" this job to the natural flow of the work to be accomplished.

To be successful, the candidate must have well-developed interpersonal skills, She/he will be working closely with the Office Manager, who is both a source and a user of much of the information used by the full range of staff members, including the owners. Given the importance of this job and the support it ddeserves, the incumbent will report to both of the owners.

The position will be a salaried, exempt job. As such, the incumbent will be eligible for 10 days of paid time off. In addition, she/he will have off four national holidays (Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Day.)

Given the nature of the job, as explained, the compensation to be offered will be determined by the experience level and circumstances of the individual applicant.

For more information, email Patty Washburn, obos.patricia7@gmail.comor call 847-767-4135.
Company:Obo’s Market & Deli
Post Date:4/1/2024
Close Date:Open Until Filled
Location:Pinedale, Wyoming
Contact:Patty Washburn

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