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August, 2002

Below are the updates from earlier Pinedale Online front pages for those of you who would like to know what's been happening in our area.

Grey's River Road Closure (8/27/02)
Pinedale holds mock bio-terrorism drill (8/20/02)
Horse and Mule Sale (8/15/02)
Pinedale Boat Club Annual Picnic (8/24/02)
Big Piney, Marbleton, LaBarge Community Picnic (8/24/02)
Attorney General Alert (8/15/02)
Punt, Pass & Kick (8/15/02)
Divide Fire in Bridger Wilderness (8/15/02)

Mock Terrorism Drill to be held in Pinedale
Griz Killed in the Wyoming Range
Middle Piney Campground Closure
Divide Fire Update (8/15/02)
Sheriff's Office Job Openings (8/15/02)
Permit Required for ORVs (8/15/02)

Antelope, Deer & Elk Licenses
Promotional Grants Available (8/9/02)
Wildlife/Livestock Disease Workshop (8/9/02)
Divide Fire in Bridger Wilderness (8/7/02)

Immunization Clinics ( 8/4/02)
Permit Required for ORVs
Gas Rig Accidental Death (8/7/02)
Candidate Debates in Pinedale (8/4/02)
Fire road and area closures lifted
Local Fire Controlled
Trout Stressed by Warm Water
Drought Conditions Stressing Wildlife
Funeral Services for Dele Ball((8/3/02)3/02)
Sailing Regatta on Fremont Lake

Two Men Cited for Starting Wildfire near Wilson
Sublette County Fair

A patient is secured during the medical screening during the mock terrorism drill at the high school. Pinedale Online photo.

Sublette County experienced a simulated Tularemia outbreak during a bio-terrorism drill held on Tuesday at the Pinedale High School. Volunteer "patients" showed up to play victims in the drill to assist county health and emergency management officials prepare for the event of a real emergency. Pinedale Online photo.

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Pinedale Roundup
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Sublette Examiner
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Haying is in full swing. Pinedale Online photo.

Haying is in full swing in the Green River Valley. Pinedale Online photo.

Grey's River Road Closure (8/27/02)
Bridger-Teton National Forest News Release
The Bridger-Teton National Forest, Grey's River Ranger District, announced that the replacement of three bridges along the Grey's River Road will require weekday road closures over the next three weeks. As a result of the bridge replacements, the Grey's River Road will be closed to through traffic at various locations on weekdays from September 3rd to October 5th, 2002. During this time, closure locations will vary between Blind Bull, Sheep and Deadman Creeks.
All construction is anticipated for completion by October 5th, 2002, and is expected to be limited to weekdays only. However, it may be necessary for one weekend closure during the contract period. Forest officials regret any inconvenience this may cause and are committed to finalizing by the contract deadline. Information notices are being posted at all entrances to the Grey's River Road, including the Smith Fork Road, Tri-Basin, McDougal Gap and various locations in Alpine and Afton, WY. If you have any questions regarding these projects or associated closures, please contact the Grey's River Ranger District at (307) 885-3166.

Pinedale holds Mock Terrorism Drill
"It could happen, or something like this," commented Sublette County Sheriff Hank Ruland during the Mock Bio-Terrorism Drill held at the Pinedale High School on Tuesday morning. "This exercise brings the various resources in the community together to resolve any of these problems" he said. The chances of sparsely populated Wyoming experiencing an act of bio-terrorism from outside individuals is considered to be low. More than likely an attack, if it should happen, would be done by someone from the area.
   The scenario of the drill is a hypothetical intentional release of Tularemia bacteria in a water tank of a swamp cool of the sheep barns during the Sublette County Fair by a political radical known as "The Trapper" who had threatened such an attack in the recent past. Numerous people start experiencing symptoms 3-5 days after exposure and seek help at local clinics causing health officials to be concerned of a possible outbreak. In the days that follow, local health officals and law enforcement track down clues to determine the source of the exposure and treat the victims. In dealing with this intentional act of bio-terrorism, county officials must coordinate medical personnel, law enforcement, emergency management and public relations to deal with the mass exposure and treatment efforts. Local officials were assisted with state health personnel who helped coordinate the drill. The outcome of the drill is to better prepare county medical and law enforcement officials in the event of a bio-terrorism real emergency.
   In Pinedale's drill, 44 people from the community showed up throughout Tuesday morning to be "victims" in the drill. Particpants spent approximately an hour going through a screening process and then receiving antibiotics, in the form of Skittles. During the morning, several victims were planted in the group to test the medical and law enforcement personnel on duty. One woman became hysterical and began screaming that the antibiotics were poison and should not be taken. She was subdued by nearby deputies. Another man attempted to steal bags of antibiotics and run out the back door. With bags of antibiotics strewn around the floor, officers chased after him and caught him in the parking lot in back. After the exercise was over, participants met to discuss their thoughts and suggestions for better coordination in the future should an event such as this ever occur.
   Tularemia is one of the most infectious pathogenic bacteria known, requiring innoculation or inhalation of as few as 10 organisms to cause disease. It is considered to be a dangerous potential biological weapon because of its extreme infectivity, ease of dissemination, and substantial capacity to cause illness and death. Tularemia bacteria occur naturally in Wyoming wildlife species including rabbits, mink, badgers, mule deer, sage grouse, squirrels, prairie dogs, beaver, and porcupine, among other animals. It has also been diagnosed in sheep in the state. The most common method of contracting the disease in humans is by being bitten by an infected fly or tick, or handling infected animals and getting bacteria in an exposed cut. Incidents in humans in Wyoming have been very rare. Human to human transmission has not been documented.
   Tularemia was one of several biological weapons that were stockpiled by the US military in the late 1960s, all of which were destroyed by 1973. The Soviet Union continued weapons production of antibiotic and vaccine resistant strains into the early 1990s according to an article by the Center for Civilian Biodefense Strategies.

Briefing victims at the door.

Law enforcement and public health officials brief "victims" at the door of the Pinedale High School with their particular case scenarios.

Pinedale Mayor Rose Skiinner was one of the victims.

Pinedale Mayor Rose Skinner, one of the "victims", is questioned by a medical screener.

A victim is moved to the medical station.

A victim is wheeled over to a medical station.

At the pharmacy station

Victim Mayor Rose Skinner talks with Pharmacist Jay Majanovich to receive instructions on taking the antibiotics.

A victim is treated.

A victim receives treatment at the medical station.

Victim passes out while waiting for treatment.

One of the waiting victims passes out on the floor and needs medical attention.

Officials discuss the drill.

Sublette County and state officials discuss the drill scenario.

A Deputy bolts out the back door giving chase to a man who tries to steal antibiotic packets.

Unexpectedly, a man tries to grab packages of antibiotics from the pharmacy station and run out the back door. Sheriff's deputies quickly give chase.

Medicine packets are strewn all around as the suspect makes his run for it.

Packages of spilled antibiotics are strewn out the door as a man tries to steal medicine and runs away.

Caught him!

Sheriff's Deputies quickly apprehend the suspect in the back parking lot.


After drill de-briefing.

After the exercise, law enforcement and medical personnel discuss the drill.

Horse and Mule Sale (8/15/02)
Contributed by Jennifer Binning
The Green River Valley Horse and Mule sale will be happening on August 31. Registration and consignments 8 to 9:30 am the day of the sale, and the sale starts at 10 a.m. Concessions will be available on site, and all types of horses and mules will be available, from kids horses to pack mules, and everything in-between. Please call Cole and Sherry Butner, Travis and Michelle Kynaston or Gene and Jami Pearson for more information.

Pinedale Boat Club Annual Picnic (8/24/02)
The Pinedale Boat Club will be holding their annual Club Picnic on Sunday, August 25th, from noon until 2 pm in the American Legion Park in Pinedale. Boat Club members are free, non-members cost is $10. Memberships will be available at the event for $10 for singles, $20 for family memberships. Menu includes King crab, king salmon, artichokes, corn on the cob, hot buttered bread and salad.

Community Picnic (8/24/02)
The towns of Big Piney, Marbleton and LaBarge, and Sublette County School District No. 9, are hosting a community picnic to welcome new community members and to kick off the new school year. The picnic will be held on Monday, August 26th at 6:30 pm west of the Fine Arts Center and will have drinks, burgers and potato salad. Participants are asked to bring your favorite covered dish. Community First National Bank is also co-sponsoring the community event.

Attorney General Alert (8/16/02)
Contributed by Jennifer Binning
The Wyoming Attorney General Hoke MacMillan has issued a warning that some people in the state have received phone calls urging the recipient to call a phone number with an 809 prefix for important information about a family member. A call to the number will rack up astronomical phone bills, often times many thousands of dollars, and recovering the money is almost impossible. Attorney General MacMillan is recommending that anyone who receives one of these urgent messages disregard them.

Punt, Pass & Kick (8/15/02)
The Boulder Air Force Detachment #489 will be hosting this years Punt, Pass and Kick on August 24. Please call Bob Kieper at 537-5424 for more information.

Divide Fire in Bridger Wilderness (8/15/02)
The Divide Fire grew to approximately 600 acres by Thursday, August 15th. An area closure is in effect for the fire area and several trails are closed temporarily. The Scab Creek trail and trailhead were closed today. The Forest Service is carefully monitoring the fire's progress and personnel are stationed at the trailhead and in the vicinity to answer questions or concerns from the public. See our Fire Update page for the latest info.

Mock Terrorism Drill to be held in Pinedale (8/4/02)
On Tuesday, August 20th, a mock bio-terrorism drill will be held in Pinedale to prepare emergency services for coordination needed in the event a real disaster were to occur. The federal government has asked that local communities stage drills that help them prepare for disaster initial response and agency roles during a bio-terrorism emergency. Members of law enforcement, Public Health, EMS, Extension Office and the State Health Department are working together to put the mock drill together. Volunteers are also needed to help with the actual drill to be 'patients'. Each volunteer who spends the day will receive a $20 gift certificate. Coordinators are also asking for nurses to help with medical screening and volunteers to assist with paperwork. Anyone interested in participating, can contact Annie Sondgeroth at the Public Health Office at 367-2157 or 276-3575.

Grizzly Bear Killed in the Wyoming Range
There have been unconfirmed reports of grizzly bear sightings in the Wyoming Range for the past several years. This week's news of the killing of a grizzly in the Deadman area of the Greys River reaffirms their presence in the Wyoming Range. Details of the incident are still sketchy, but this sighting is an indicator that the past several years of drought, shortage of natural food supplies, and fire activity has caused bears to increase their range into areas they aren't typically seen. Bridger-Teton National Forest personnel are reminding backcountry users to keep a clean camp, carry bear spray, and be "bear aware". To date, there have been no incidents of people/bear encounters in our area. A problem male black bear was reported near the Green River Lakes campground in June, but he left the area. One grizzly was destroyed, and another removed off-Forest, from the Rock Creek area of the Upper Green over the past couple of weeks due to preying on livestock in Forest allotments. For more information on the Wyoming Range grizzly, read the online story in the Sublette Examiner by Cat Urbigkit.

Middle Piney Lake Campground Closure
The Big Piney Ranger District of the Bridger-Teton National Forest reported that the Middle Piney Campground will be closed from Thursday, August 15 for about a week so major construction work can be done. Campers can stay at the Sacajawea Campground which is approximately a mile and a half to the east or use dispersed camping spots in the area. Campers are reminded that fire restrictions are in effect and campfires are allowed in developed campgrounds only. Also, the Forest Service is in the process of installing bear-resistant garbage containers in the Sacajawea Campground as a pro-active measure to minimize bear attractants. Ten containers will be installed in the campground in the upcoming weeks.

Divide Fire Update, Bridger Wilderness
The Divide Fire, burning in the Bridger Wilderness east of Boulder, has grown to approximately 300 acres in size. This fire is being managed as a wildland fire for resource benefit. Fire managers are monitoring the fire's burn progress carefully and allowing it to burn in areas where the fire is beneficial. Backcountry users should be aware that temporary trail and trailhead closures are possible at any given time in the vicinity of the fire (Lowline Trail, Scab Creek Trail, Sage Basin area). Also, there is an area closure around Divide Lake up to Crescent Lake with no camping being allowed due to the fire activity. The trail closures are being evaluated daily, and current information can be obtained from the Pinedale Ranger District office. Forest Rangers are also in the area of the fire and at the trailhead to answer questions from hikers and the public. Check our Fire Update page for more information, maps, and pictures of the fire.

Sheriff's Office Job OpeningsSheriff's Office Job Openings
The Sublette County Sheriff's Office has an IMMEDIATE opening for a Detention Deputy in the jail. Applications deadline for this one position is August 21st. Applications and a complete job description may be obtained by calling 307-367-6593. Click here for more information about the Sublette County Sheriff's Office and a printable job application, Sheriff's web site.

Permit required for ORVs (off-road vehicles) in Wyoming
Wyoming G&F news release
As of January 1st, all off-road recreational vehicles (ATVs, dirt bikes, etc.) are required to display a Wyoming ORV permit while operating on public lands and other designated trails or areas. ORVs may only be operated upon public lands when on roads, trails or areas designated "open" by appropriate local land managers (Forest Service, BLM or others). ORV riders should contact the local land manager's office in the area in which they wish to ride to determine which roads, trails and areas are open for ORV use.
Visit for phone numbers of the various land managers in Wyoming. The $15 annual ORV permits are available at ATV dealers across Wyoming or by calling (307) 777-7477. Allow seven to 10 days for delivery. Major credit cards are accepted.

Doe/Fawn Antelope and Deer, Reduced Price Cow/Calf Elk Sales start August 15th
Wyoming G&F news release
Hunters are alerted doe/fawn antelope and deer, and reduced price cow/calf licenses, go on sale August 15th first-come, first-serve at license agents across the state. The list of specific license agents and the licenses on sale is available at the Game and Fish Department Web site, G&F offices and by calling the G&F. Hunters are alerted that most licenses are in private land areas. The G&F urges hunters to obtain permission before purchasing their license

The Divide Fire.  Photo by the USFS, used with permission.

The Divide Fire is burning in the Bridger Wilderness east of Boulder. This lightning-started fire is being managed as a wildland fire for resource benefit. A short section of the Lowline Trail, and the area between Divide Lake, Crescent Lake and Upper Sylvan Lakes are temporarily closed due to the fire activity. The Scab Creek Trail remains open. See our fire update page for specific information, photos and closure maps. Photo by the USFS.

Sandy Beach on 11-mile long Fremont Lake was a great place to enjoy the weekend sunshine.  Photo by Pinedale Online.

With temperatures in the 80s, and a nice breeze to keep things cool, Sandy Beach on Fremont Lake was a great place to spend the weekend and watch the 30th Annual Sailing Regatta. Photo by Pinedale Online.

Promotional Grants Available (8/9/02)
The Sublette County Joint Tourism Promotion Board is accepting applications from businesses, organizations and individuals sponsoring special events or attractions, for grant money to help promote and advertise the events or attractions outside of Sublette County or the state. Tourism promotional grants may be used for:

  • State, regional & national advertising in electronic or print media
  • Production of travel promotion literature
  • Participation in trade or consumer travel shows

Tourism promotional grants may not be used for:

  • Purchase of equipment
  • Construction or maintenance of any type of building or structure
  • Communications: telephone, fax, etc
  • Administration: salaries, overhead or supplies

Grants also are available for not-for-profit youth organizations, clubs or associations sponsoring special events that attract participants from outside the county. The Board reserves the right to limit the number and amount of promotional grants. Application forms and guidelines are available at the Sublette County Clerk's Office, Pinedale Area Chamber of Commerce, and the Big Piney, Marbleton and Pinedale town halls. Applications for fall and winter events must be filed on or before September 1, 2002.

Wildlife/Livestock Disease Workshop (8/9/02)
In Casper, September 6th, WY G&F News Release
Learn about the major wildlife/livestock diseases facing the Cowboy State at a workshop being hosted by the Wyoming Wildlife/Livestock Disease Research Partnership Sept. 6 at the Radisson Inn in Casper.
   Among the diseases being featured at the free workshop are chronic wasting disease, West Nile virus and brucellosis. "In just one
day, interested individuals can learn about the history and status of
these diseases, and their potential impacts to Wyoming," said Dr. Tom
Thorne, Game and Fish Department acting director and wildlife
   The workshop begins at 8:30 a.m. and pre-registration by Aug. 29 is suggested because of limited seating. For a program, including
registration form, contact the Game and Fish Department at (307)
777-4591 or email
The workshop will also have sessions on rabies, sylvatic plague,
pasteurellosis or bighorn sheep pneumonia and hemorrhagic diseases
including blue tongue and epizootic hemorrhagic disease. Speakers
include Drs. Beth Williams and Ken Mills from the State Veterinary
Laboratory, G&F veterinarians Drs. Walt Cook and Terry Kreeger, Dr.
Terry Creekmore of the Wyoming Department of Public Health and State Veterinarian Dr. Jim Logan.
   The workshop coincides with Hunting and Fishing Heritage Expo being held at the Casper Events Center and nearby shooting ranges Sept. 6-8. Workshop participants are encouraged to also attend the free Expo, which features hands-on outdoor activities for children and adults. The Wildlife/Livestock Disease Research Partnership was created by the 2001 Wyoming Legislature and consists of the University of Wyoming, Livestock Board, State Veterinary Laboratory and Game and Fish and Agriculture departments. The law appropriated $200,000 to establish the disease partnership. When matched with private or federal funds, the board will target the funds to research diseases that can potentially afflict both wildlife and livestock.

Divide Fire in Bridger Wilderness (8/7/02)
Pinedale Ranger District firefighters are responding to a lightning-caused fire approximately 1/2 mile south of Divide Lake in the Bridger Wilderness. The fire was detected Tuesday evening and as of Wednesday afternoon the fire was approximately 3 acres in size. The fire is approximately 25-30 acresin size. This fire is being managed as a wildland fire for resource benefit. The Forest Service is carefully monitoring the fire's progress and personnel are stationed at the trailhead and in the vicinity to answer questions or concerns from the public. TRAIL CLOSURE NOTICE: The section of the Lowline Trail between Little Divide Lake and Monroe Lake Junction was temporarily closed Wednesday evening. Possible closure of Scab Creek Trail due to the direction of spread of the fire. Backcountry visitors who have camps in the areas of Little Divide Lake, Monroe Lake, Moose Lake, Knobb Lake, Sylvan Lakes, Crescent Lake, Lightning Lake and Pine Island Lake are being relocated out of those areas. The Scab Creek Campground remains open. See our Fire Update page for the latest info.

Immunization Clinics (8/4/02)
Immunization clinics will be held in Pinedale and Big Piney during August at the Public Health Offices. In Pinedale, the clinics will be held on Thursday, August 8th from 1-4 and on Tuesday, August 13th from 1-4 pm. In Big Piney, the immunization clinics will be held on Thursday, August 22nd from 1-4 pm and Tuesday, August 27th from 1-4 pm at the Big Piney Public Health Office. There will also be a blood draw in Bondurant on Wednesday, August 28th from 7-8:30 pm.

Permit required for ORVs (off-road vehicles) in Wyoming
Wyoming G&F news release
As of January 1st, all off-road recreational vehicles (ATVs, dirt bikes, etc.) are required to display a Wyoming ORV permit while operating on public lands and other designated trails or areas. ORVs may only be operated upon public lands when on roads, trails or areas designated "open" by appropriate local land managers (Forest Service, BLM or others). ORV riders should contact the local land manager's office in the area in which they wish to ride to determine which roads, trails and areas are open for ORV use.
Visit for phone numbers of the various land managers in Wyoming. The $15 annual ORV permits are available at ATV dealers across Wyoming or by calling (307) 777-7477. Allow seven to 10 days for delivery. Major credit cards are accepted.

Gas Rig Accidental Death (8/7/02)
According to the Sublette County Sheriff's Department, 39-year old Harvey L. Montoya of Evanston, an employee of Central Valley Tong Service of Evanston, Wyoming, died Tuesday afternoon after an accident on a gas rig approximately fifteen miles south of Pinedale. According to a SCSO news release, Sheriff's deputies, Pinedale Ambulance Service, and Air Idaho Life Flight helicopter out of Idaho Falls, Idaho, responded to the gas rig. Mr. Montoya had been attached to a static line and was working on the rig when he fell. Still attached to the static line, he apparently hit the side of the rig several times. The static line prevented him from hitting the ground. He was transported to the Pinedale Clinic and then Air Idaho transported him to Idaho Falls Hospital. The cause of death will be determined by an autopsy. Witnesses at the rig site said he apparently had chest injuries. See local newspapers on Thursday for more information.

Candidate Debates in Pinedale (8/4/02)
Sublette County citizens will have an opportunity to listen to local candidates debate their positions during a series of Primary Election Candidate Debates at the Sublette County Library August 6th-8th. The debates are being sponsored by the Pinedale Roundup newspaper and will be broadcast live by KPIN Radio.
    County Attorney debates will be held on Tuesday, August 6th at 6:30 pm. Debates for County Commission Candidates will be held on Wednesday night at 6:30 pm and State Representative Candidates will speak at 8 pm. Rural Health Care Candidate debates will be held on Thursday night, August 8th, at 6:30 pm.

Road and area closures lifted (8/3/02)
Area and road closures for the Horse Creek and Beaver Creek drainages due to the Mule Fire have been lifted. The fire was called 100% controlled on Thursday, August 1st, and has been transitioned back to a Type III local management team. The fire is still being monitored and patrolled by firefighters and there is still some helicopter traffic to the area. Be aware that there is still increased traffic on the area roads due to the firefighting efforts.

Local Mule Fire Controlled
The Mule Fire, which has been burning for the past month in the Horse and Beaver Creek drainages of the Big Piney Ranger District in the Wyoming Range, was called Controlled on Thursday. Recent weeks of cooler and wetter weather helped firefighters get a handle on this fire which reached almost 4,000 acres. Homes and structures to the north and east of the fire were a concern early on in the fire, but the wetter weather and intensive efforts by firefighting personnel, combined to make this not become a threat. There are no fires currently burning on the Big Piney or Pinedale Ranger Districts of the Bridger-Teton National Forest and all trails and campgrounds are open. Campfires are allowed in designated campgrounds only and partial fire restrictions are in effect.

Trout stressed by warm water
Wyoming G&F news release
Hot summer weather combined with low water flows is affecting trout populations in many waters across the Cowboy State. Green River Fisheries Biologist Robb Keith said anglers who catch and release fish will have to be extra careful to release the fish properly to ensure they may be caught again. “Rivers and reservoirs are experiencing warm water temperatures and, when you add to that the low water levels, cold-water fish like trout will be stressed.” The Green and other rivers are warmer than normal due to hot days, warm nights and low flows. Anglers are reporting difficulties reviving fish after capture. Keith says water temperatures in the 70s are making trout difficult to revive. “Hooking mortality is going to be higher when trout are stressed by warm water,” he said. Keith recommends anglers fish for trout early in the morning if fishing where they want or need to release their catch. Anglers are encouraged to use heavier gear so fish can be played quickly and released. Keith says there are a couple simple tips for releasing fish properly:

  • Play and land fish as quickly as possible to reduce exhaustion.
    This is particularly important if a fish is reeled into warmer water to land it.
  • Keep the fish in the water when removing the hook. This is very
    important for trout.
  • Netting can help secure the fish for quicker hook removal.
  • A hemostat or needle-nose pliers can improve your hold on the
  • Use a gentle grip on the fish without grabbing the gills.
    Squeezing a trout can easily cause internal injuries.
  • If the fish is hooked deeper than the mouth, snip the line as close as possible to the hook instead of trying to remove it. The hook will gradually decompose.

Keith says anglers can mark a section of their rod as a ruler to speed measurement of the fish and expedite release. Help the fish acclimate back to its environment by facing it upstream and moving it back and forth with both hands. Release the fish in quiet water. Regulations and proper catch and release techniques are available in the 2002-2003 Wyoming Fishing Regulations.

Drought conditions stressing Wildlife
Wyoming G&F news release
A simple rule: Wildlife needs food, water, shelter and space in a suitable arrangement to survive. Unfortunately, continued drought conditions across the state have put that rule to the test. Much of Wyoming is facing a third year of severe drought conditions and the fifth year of below average moisture. South Rock Springs Game Warden Dave Hays says many watering holes have dried up and animals such as antelope and deer are on the move to find water. “If you have been down on Flaming Gorge Reservoir recently, you probably noticed the antelope are congregating in areas that are popular camping spots,” said Hays. “The animals are thirsty and people need to give them space as they come down to more populated areas to water. That also means pets need to be kept on a leash or at least in control and not chasing game.” North Rock Springs Game Warden Allen Round says at least three big game animals were hit by cars in Rock Springs last week, because “There are more deer and antelope in town than usual.” Both Hays and Round appeal to people to not camp right on water sources, particularly in the desert. Camping along streams in the mountains isn't as critical.
   Antelope and sage grouse hunting will also be impacted. Green River Wildlife Biologist Tom Christiansen expects the “typical” hunter success in most antelope areas across southwest Wyoming. However, the proportion of "trophy" bucks will probably be lower than average due to continued drought conditions. “Horn growth is related to body condition and body condition relies on nutritional forage, which is reduced during periods of drought,” says Christiansen. “Lower fawn production in many areas has caused license numbers to remain generally conservative.”
Preliminary observations strongly suggest another year of very depressed antelope fawn production in much of Wyoming. Due to continued drought conditions Christiansen expects another year of lower than average sage grouse chick production. “Because chicks typically make up the majority of birds harvested, this means hunting will be tougher than normal for sage-grouse in 2002,” he predicts. Archery hunting seasons for antelope open next month and could also add to the animal’s stress. “There is nothing illegal about setting up an antelope hunting blind near a watering hole,” says Hays. “The issue is more of an ethical one and a decision the hunter will make.”
   To give some perspective on how dry the past three years have been in the Upper Green River Basin, Rick Clayton, a hydraulic engineer with the Bureau of Reclamation, says that the total unregulated inflow over the past three years will likely be about 2.3 million acre-feet (MAF). On average, Flaming Gorge receives 5.1 MAF over a 3-year period. “For the past three water years, beginning in October 1999, the
inflow into Flaming Gorge Reservoir has been about 45 percent of normal,” says Clayton. “The driest three consecutive water years that included 1977 (the driest water year on record) had a total unregulated inflow of 3.6 MAF. The past three water years will most definitely be the driest three consecutive years since the closure of Flaming Gorge Dam.”

Funeral Services for Dele Ball (8/3/02)
Funeral services for long-time resident Dele Ball will be held on Sunday, August 4th, at 11 am at the Cottonwood Cemetery near their ranch. Dele died early Saturday morning at her home. Directions to Cottonwood Cemetery: Take the Cottonwood turnoff (County Road 23-117) west off of US Hwy 189 about 14 miles north of Big Piney or 12 miles south of Daniel. Travel approximately 10-11 miles west on the gravel road and take the fork to the right. The Cottonwood Cemetery is about two miles further to the north on the east side of the road. Parking is along the road.

Sailing Regatta on Fremont Lake
August 3rd & 4th
The Fremont Lake Yacht Club and Pinedale Boat Club are once again sponsoring the annual Sailing Regatta on Fremont Lake. This year's event will be the 30th anniversary of the Little America's Cup Regatta.
   Registration begins at 9 am in front of Lakeside Lodge and the races begin at 11 am. There will be a Captain's Meeting on the Lakeside Lodge deck at 10 am. Participants must be members of either the Fremont Lake Yacht Club or the Pinedale Boat Club, and there is a $20 entrance fee. Memberships will be available at the registration desk. There will be a banquet at 6:30 pm on Saturday at Lakeside Lodge. The public is invited to come watch the races on the lake Saturday & Sunday. Great viewing is available on the Lakeside Lodge deck which overlooks Fremont Lake.

Two men cited for starting wildfire near Wilson
Law enforcement officers cited two men Monday for careless behavior that resulted in a small wildfire near Wilson in the Coburn Creek area off Fall Creek Road near Pritchard Pass in the Bridger-Teton National Forest. The ¼-acre Coburn Fire was reported Monday, July 29th at 10:30 am. An Interagency Engine Crew and two Helitack crewmembers responded to the area and contained the fire by 4:00 pm that day. An investigation of this fire determined it to be a human caused fire as a result of a carelessly discarded cigarette. Law enforcement officers identified two individuals camping in the area as the parties believed to be responsible for starting the fire and issued citations to both men. Violation notices were been issued for: Camping Longer than Allowed; Possession of a Controlled Substance; Careless Placement of an Ignited Substance that Causes a Fire; and Smoking in Violation of a Special Closure (existing fire restrictions on the forest prohibit smoking except in vehicles, enclosed buildings or areas cleared to mineral soil at least three feet by three feet). If found guilty of these charges, both men will also be charged with fire suppression related costs for containing the fire.

Sublette County Fair
July 27-July 28
July 31-August 4
At the Sublette County Fairgrounds north of Big Piney and Marbleton


  • Michael Martin Murphy
  • Michael Mezmer, Hypnosis Extreme
  • Joe Gandelman, Comic Ventriloquist
  • High Action Bikes
  • Tater A Peal
  • Montana Ponies Band
  • Sheriff's Department Dance

Also featuring:

Little Buckaroo Rodeo
Carriage Driving Competition
2002 Quilt Challenge
Talent Contest
Tractor Show
Greased Pig Contest
Horseshoe Doubles Tournament
Chocolate Dessert Bake Off
Youth Exhibits
Livestock 4-H & FFA
Junior Horse Show
4-H Dog Show
Horse Pulling Match
Wind Chime Contest

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