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Fishing on Green River Lakes
These days aren't too far off!
Photo by Terry & Ron Bunge

March Updates:
March 4 - Snow Drags
March 10 - Ice Fishing Derby
March 18 - Driving on the Lake
March 26 - Can't wait to get back out fishing!

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March 4th - Snow Drags

Every winter the Pinedale Snow Explorers Snowmobile Club all get together for many fun weekend snowmobile events. Last Sunday they held the Pinedale Drag Races atPinedale Snow Drags Sagebrush Downs Race Track in Pinedale, attracting 107 enthusiastic racers from around the state and as far away as Pennsylvania.

Pinedale Snow Drags
Pinedale Snowdrags last Sunday.
Photo by The Sublette County Journal.

The Pinedale Roundup newspaper had a great article this week about a research effort that is underway to place radio collars on 30 elk along the Piney Front to help document the extent of oil and gas development impacts along the Piney Front of the Wyoming Range. Fifteen elk were collared north of LaBarge Creek and another 15 were collared south of LaBarge Creek. Information gathered from this study will be used to help develop a geographic information system model to evaluate winter elk habitat. The radio collars have been programmed to record two locations per day per elk during the months of May through September. During the winter season of October through April, eight locations per day per elk will be recorded. Information gathered from this study will also help test the effectiveness of current federal regulations imposed on development projects which are intended to reduce or eliminate impacts to big game wildlife species. This research project is a cooperative effort among the Wyoming Game and Fish Department, Oil & Gas companies, the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, and the Bureau of Land Management.

  • Upcoming Events:
    March 4th & 5th Pinedale Boat Club Ice Fishing Derby, 7 am, Fremont Lake
    March 4th & 5th Green River Rondy Sled Dog Race. Entry form & rules at web site.
    March 10th UW Centennial Singers performance, 7:30 pm, Pinedale Auditorium
    April 1st Aniel Daniel Chili Cook-Off, at the Historic Daniel School House
  • Continental Divide Snowmobile Trail Report
    Irish Canyon to Pinedale:

    Ungroomed, 0"-4" Base, 0" new snow
    Pinedale to The Place:
    Some grooming, 4"-12" Base, 4-6" new snow
    Upper Green River:
    Grooming, 24-36" Base, 6-8" new snow

    March 10th - Ice Fishing Derby

    Last weekend the Pinedale Boat Club held their annual Ice Fishing Derby on Fremont Lake. Some 143 enthusiastic fishermen & women patiently staked out their favorite locations on frozen Fremont Lake and spent the weekend hoping to catch "The Big One" that would win some of the Ice Fishing Derby Winner Flo Retel$1,700 being offered in prize money. The $1,000 Grand Prize went to Flo Retel of Pinedale for catching a 20.8 pound, 36-1/2" mackinaw. We're not sure what Flo's secret is, but she was also the winner last year catching the biggest fish!

    On Saturday, the first Green River "Rondy" Sled Dog Race was held attracting 12 teams from as far away as Washington state. Each sled was pulled by only 6 dogs for about 10 miles. Race organizer Kathy MacKay said this short sprint format was a way to encourage mushers with smaller kennels to compete. Race organizers hope to make the Green River "Rondy" an annual event.

    The Sublette County Ag Center at the Fairgrounds in Marbleton is scheduled to be completed by May 9th. Events have already been booked for every weekend in May and three of the four weekends in June. Activities scheduled include a cutting, several ropings, a 4-H event, high school rodeos and practice, and a tentative barrel racing event.

    Nonresident hunters are being reminded by the Wyoming Game & Fish Department that applications for deer and antelope, including doe/fawn, must be received in the Cheyenne office by 5 pm March 15th. Applications are available by calling 307-777-4600 or online at http://gf.state.wy.us/.

    Reports are coming in of first sightings of Blackbirds, Canadian Geese and robins. We expect to hear the distinctive call of the Sandhill Cranes any day now too. More signs of spring being not too far away...

    For Frank in Florida we have pulled out this last week's Sublette County Sheriff's Report:
    February 28th - 1 theft, 1 traffic offense report, 1 report of a dog chasing deer.
    February 29th - 1 escaped cow from a locker plant (recaptured out by the golf course), 1 overzealous city snow plow rearranging a resident's fence, 1 report of an overdue skier.
    March 3 - A black bull was escorted from the highway to its proper pasture, a snowmobilier who suffered a broken rib was assisted, officers located owners of a dead dog.
    Average Jail Count for February 12-March 10th = 10.

    Interested in what's happening in Sublette County? Write for a copy of our local newspapers! For The Sublette County Journal write Rob at editor@scjonline.com. For the Pinedale Roundup e-mail roundup@pinedaleroundup.com.

    We apologize that due to technical difficulties The Sublette County Journal articles and archive are temporarily unavalable. We hope to have them back online soon!

    Upcoming Events:
    March 10th UW Centennial Singers performance, 7:30 pm, Pinedale Auditorium
    March 14th The Pinedale Fine Arts Council presents The Rivals, 7:30 pm Pinedale Auditorium
    March 25th Green River Valley Museum's Hard Hats & Stetsons, 6 pm, Waterhole #3
    April 1st Aniel Daniel Chili Cook-Off, at the Historic Daniel School House

    Continental Divide Snowmobile Trail Report
    Irish Canyon to Pinedale:

    Ungroomed, 0"-4" Base, 2"-4" new snow
    Pinedale to The Place:
    Ungroomed, 4"-12" Base, 1-3" new snow
    Upper Green River:
    Grooming, 24-36" Base, 3-4" new snow

    Taking a spin on Fremont Lake
    Taking a spin out on Fremont Lake
    Pinedale Online photo

    March 18th - Driving on the lake...

    Last week we caught these folks taking a spin out on frozen Fremont Lake. Things looked a tad soft to us, but the ice held firm. Judging by the snowmobile tracks across the lake surface, lots of people have been enjoying the miles of straight surface to trek across.

    White Pine Ski Resort will have Year 2000 Passes available at the Ski Shop. Passes are $285 and are good through spring, 2001. After October 1st, passes will cost $360. White Pine Ski Area & Ski Shop will be open full time from March 29th until the end of the season, Easter Sunday, April 23rd. Right now they are skiing on runs of packed powder on a 40" base. What we like best is, NO LINES!! The skiing is great, so come on up! Click here for more information about skiing!

    Snowmobiling is still good up the Green River area! The Continental Divide Trail is looking pretty bare from Irish Canyon to about The Place, then the Trail is groomed on a 24"-36" base! More snowmobiling information.

    Last Thursday, Dr. Jerry Wilson announced to the School Board that he is resigning as Superintendent of School District #1 in Pinedale to take a Superintendent job in Hermiston, Oregon. The Board voted to hire a Superintendent Search Consultant to begin a search to find his replacement. Dr. Wilson will be greatly missed. Pinedale schools scored near the top of the state in last years statewide comprehensive test. Dr. Wilson will be here until June.

    The Green River Valley Museum will be having their annual Hard Hats & Stetsons Roundup Saturday, March 25th at 6 pm at Waterhold #3 in Marbleton. This annual fundraiser will include a live & silent auction, raffles, dancing and refreshments. There will be a special raffle of a Jade Golf Putter. Tickets cost $10. Call the Museum for more information, 307-276-5343.

    Continental Divide Snowmobile Trail Report
    Irish Canyon to Pinedale:

    Ungroomed, 0"-4" Base, 0"-1" new snow
    Pinedale to The Place:
    Ungroomed, 4"-12" Base, 0-3" new snow
    Upper Green River:
    Grooming, 24-36" Base, 4-8" new snow
    The Official Wyoming Snowmobiling Page

    March 26th - Can't wait to get back out fishing!

    Area streams will start opening up for fishing in the next couple of weeks. Lakes typically thaw in May, although this year might be a little earlier due to our mild weather and the warm temperatures we're already seeing. As much as we always enjoy winter and all there is to do, summer brings warm weather for fishing, horseback riding, camping, hiking, 4-wheeling, mountain biking and so much more! The high country typically opens up for hiking in June. That's also when weekend cuttings & ropings begin, golf tournaments start at Rendezvous Meadows Golf Course, and fishing derbys are held. For now, we're enjoying some late season snowmobiling, x-country skiing and snowshoeing. Ranchers are starting into calving season and are glad to say goodbye to the snow.

    Sports News: Sublette County Swim Team Coach Bob Maxam has received the Coach of the Year honor for the 4th time. Big Piney Coach Nick Nichols also was named as Coach of the Year. The Pinedale 100 Snowmobile Race, sponsored by the Pinedale Snow Explorers Club, takes place today at Fremont Lake.

    The picture above was taken last year by a couple from Iowa who are frequent RV campers to our area, and especially to Green River Lakes. We always like getting e-mails from people who have visited and had a great time and put them on our Visitor's Comments page. If you have a great story to tell about your visit here, or even just want to say hello, we'd love to hear from you. Send us a note to support@pinedaleonline.com!

    Upcoming Events:
    April 1st Aniel Daniel Chili Cook-Off, at the Historic Daniel School House
    April 14th Daniel Library Tea at the Daniel Bar
    May 1st Museum of the Mountain Man & Rendezvous Meadows Golf Course open for the season

    Continental Divide Snowmobile Trail Report
    Irish Canyon to Pinedale:

    Ungroomed, 0"-4" Base, 0"-2" new snow
    Pinedale to The Place:
    Ungroomed, 4"-12" Base, 1-4" new snow
    Upper Green River:
    Grooming, 24-36" Base, 6-10" new snow

    New on Pinedale Online!
    The Sublette County Library

    The Sublette County Library has branches in both Pinedale and Big Piney. They offer many services including reference, internet and databases, inter-library loans, microfilm reader, Xerox digital copier, fax machine, word processing (available with programs for resumes, wills, etc.), typewriter, on-going book sale, art exhibits, video nights, monthly book club, children's programs and special programs.

    Visit the new Library web page!


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