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50 States License Plate Survey - 2020
9th, 50 States License Plate Survey in Pinedale, Wyoming
Total Found to date: 41
Started 5/20/2020 - Updated 7/27/2020
How many will we find this year?

50 states map

Typically we have trouble finding Delaware, Hawaii and Rhode Island - let's see if we find them this year! (Have Delaware and Hawaii, looking for RI)

Greetings from around the World!
We love hearing from everyone! Even if you haven't been here in person, send us a note and we'll be happy to add a green pin on our map for your "cyber" visit!

We began our "50 State License Plate Survey" in 2002 and continued it for eight years. It started as a fun way to show how many people come visit, or pass through, our little town each summer. As time went on, we realized we pretty much get almost every state in the Union by summer's end. We stopped the survey in 2010. Now, ten years later, the world has been hit with the terrible coronavirus pandemic. Wyoming is just now slowly easing out from all the restrictions, hoping everyone takes extreme care in their travels and health habits to not spread the virus anew as everyone tiptoes into reopening. We decided to bring back the 50 State License Plate Survey and see how quickly the map fills in this year.

In year's past, we started our survey on Memorial Day weekend at the end of May. Later, we bumped it up to the beginning of the year in order to give ourselves more chance to find Hawaii, Delaware and Rhode Island. This year we are starting the survey on May 20th, for no particular reason.

For any viewers who want to make sure we count you and your unique vehicle, you can stage a photo as "proof" you were here. Take a picture of your vehicle and plate with one of our recognizable buildings in the background (put in something with a date on it that shows it was from this year, like the latest local newspaper.)

This is not at all a scientific study, but is just for fun, so watch our map and see how quickly we find all the states this summer!

If you are curious about one of our earlier surveys, here is a link to the one we did in 2009.

If you would like to do your own 50 States License Plate Survey (great fun with the kids and for traveling), here's a handy printable form you can use: 50 State Survey Form

Dawn Ballou, Editor, Pinedale Online!

2020 Survey Results
Blue = Not Found, Black = Found, Green = Viewer Write-In

Alabama - 5/29/2020
Arizona - 5/25/2020

Arkansas -
California -
Colorado -
- 7/10/2020  
Delaware -
Florida - 5/23/2020
Georgia - 7/20/2020  

Hawaii -
Idaho -
Illinois -
Iowa - 5/31/2020
Kansas - 6/10/2020
Louisiana -

Maine - 5/20/2020
- 7/21/2020
Massachusetts -
Michigan - 5/15/2020  
- 7/8/2020  
Mississippi -
 - 5/24/2020 

Check out this site for pictures of the license plates for all 50 states:


Montana - 5/23/2020
Nebraska - 5/25/2020
Nevada -
New Hampshire -
New Jersey
New Mexico - 6/12/2020
New York -
North Carolina
North Dakota -
Ohio -
Oklahoma -
Oregon -
- 5/24/2020 
Rhode Island -
South Carolina -

South Dakota
  - 6/16/2020  
- 5/23/2020
- 5/21/2020
-  7/5/2020  
Virginia -
- 5/23/2020
West Virginia -
Wisconsin - 5/23/2020
Wyoming - 5/20/2020

Foreign Countries:



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May 20, 2020: Can't come to Pinedale? Send us a note and we'll add you as a "virtual visit." Let us know your city and state.


Tell us you were here!

A tradition since 2002, we are continuing our virtual visitor list. We started filling in states in the middle of May.

If you were in Pinedale, and we missed your car and plate in town, please write and tell us you were here so we can add you to our survey! We'll put in a red push-pin on your state and add you to the state list below.

If you haven't actually been here, but found us on the web, let us know and we'll add you with a green push pin for your state or country.

Would you like to do your own 50 States License Plate Survey (great fun with the kids and for traveling)? Click on this link for a printable form with places to fill in for when you spot each state's plate:
50 State Survey Form

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The 50 State Survey is done just for fun to see how quickly we can find license plates for all the states. Even though Pinedale is a very small town, it is a crossroads for travelers. For more information, contact Pinedale Online at 307-360-7689, or e-mail, or stop by our office located in Office Outlet in Pinedale, 43 S. Sublette Ave. Copyright 2020, all rights reserved. No pictures or content on this site may be reproduced or used without permission.

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