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Green River Valley Winter Carnival

Green River Valley
Winter Carnival

Pinedale, Wyoming

March 24, 2007

Frostbite Princess Drag Queen Contest. Pinedale Roundup photo.

2006 Winter Carnival Photos

2007 Winter Carnival Schedule of Events
For more event information, contact the Rob Shaul: 307-360-6825.  (Updated 3/13/07)

Saturday, March 24, 2007

"Winky Shrinker" Frozen Fishing Pond Plunge
8:00 am, Pinedale Boyd Skinner Town Park
Are you brave enough to take a dip in the Kid's Fishing Pond in the Pinedale Town Park? The Pond is located at the south Franklin Avenue in the Boyd Skinner Memorial Park. Any adult or kid (with their parent's permission) who has enough courage to take a full dip (hair wet) in the icy pond will get a one-of-a-kind commemorative pair of boxer shorts. Wear your bathing suit and shoes and bring towels and a robe. Brrrrr!

"Kids Winter Olympics"
10:00 am
, Pinedale Boyd Skinner Town Park
Kid-oriented events to be held at Boyd Skinner Town Park in Pinedale. All equipment is supplied and there is NO admission. Come dressed warmly and have fun!
- Snowpack Biathlon
- Mountain Girl and Boy Arm Wrestling
- Jack Frost Frozen Money Scramble
- Tuff Tundra Tug of War
- Eskimo Pie Bubblegum Chewing Race

"Mountain Man & Woman" Arm Wrestling Tourney
7:00 pm, Corral Bar
Weight class tournament for both men and women. Tournament will take place at the Corral Bar in Pinedale. Age 21 and up. Three weight classes for men, three for women. $25 plus braggin' rights for weight class winners.

"Frostbite Princess" Drag Beauty Pageant
9:00 pm, Corral Bar
Come watch the best show of the winter! Local male beauties don a bra, dress and heels and show their feminine side at Pinedale's craziest event. Winner gets $200. Laughs and fun guaranteed. Age 21 and up. FREE Admission! Come party!

For more event information, contact Rob:

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Winky Shrinker Frozen Fishing Pond Plunge. Pinedale Online photo.

Eskimo Pie Bubblegum Chewing Race. Pinedale Online photo.

Pull a kid sled dog race. Pinedale Online photo.

Snowpack biathlon. Pinedale Online photo.

Photos by Pinedale Online!

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