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The Winter of 1999/2000

Pictures taken mid-January, 2000

Upstream, Pine Creek

Looking upstream on Pine Creek standing on Harmony footbridge in the Pinedale Town Park, mid-January, 2000.

Downstream Pine Creek

Looking downstream on Pine Creek from Harmony footbridge in the Pinedale Town Park, mid-January, 2000.

Playground equipment at Pinedale Town Park

It will be awhile before the kids will be back on the new playground equipment in the Pinedale Town Park.

Pictures taken New Years Day, January 1, 2000

Easy winter so far in Pinedale

Fremont Lake turnout showing how little snow is on the ground so far this winter

Ice starting to form on lower Fremont Lake

Lakeside Lodge boat docks await spring

Canal and water guage at outlet of Fremont Lake

Lower end of Fremont Lake just above outlet

Half Moon Lake

Half Moon Lake

Pine Creek in Pinedale Town Park

Ice piled up on boat ramp on lower Fremont Lake

Ice chunks washed ashore on lower Fremont Lake boat ramp

Half Moon Mountain on the Fremont Lake Road

Town deer have it pretty easy getting around this winter

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