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US 191 (Pine Street) Resurfacing and Drainage Improvement Project
WYDOT plans to upgrade 1.3 miles of US 191 through Pinedale in summer of 2001
Update March 23, 2001
Construction Timeframe: March 22-May 14

Map of work area

The Wyoming Department of Transportation will be upgrading 1.3 miles of US 191 (Pine Street) through Pinedale this spring. The project involves resurfacing and improving road drainage and will last from March through mid-May, according to Bob Maxam, Resident Engineer for the Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT). 

The project plans call for milling the existing pavement and then placing a new layer of new asphalt. To improve surface water drainage, concrete “valley pans” will be replaced at five intersections and “slotted drain” storm sewer inlets will be installed at two sites. The project is state-funded with contract maintenance money. 

Road work began on March 23rd and is expected to be completed by May 14th. Two way traffic will be maintained at all times during the project and no significant through traffic delays are expected during the project.

Visitors will also find road construction paving work being done by H-K Contractors in the Merna area from April 20th-June 4th.

Scroll down for more details about the Pinedale construction. Map of work area


March 22-26: 
Remove curb & gutter, Lower manholes & valves, Install slotted drains
March 27-30:
Rotomill existing asphalt surface, Install CMP pipe, Pour curb & gutter
April 2-9:
Prep & pour double gutter (north), Adjust inlets
April 9-April 20:
Cure double gutter (north), Prep & pour double gutter (south)
April 23-27:
Cure double gutter (south)
May 7-9:
Pave Pinedale
May 10-14:
Raise manholes & valves, completion work
May 14: Project Complete

Pinedale Road Construction
The reconstruction will run from Nick Stadler’s place on the east end of Pinedale to Country Lane on the west side. The road will not be widened at all during the construction and none of the sidewalks will be shortened or torn up. Width-wise the road will remain the same. Each of the “Pinedale Dips” or double gutter drainage dips, will be replaced entirely and widened lenthwise 30 feet on each end as the road direction goes in an attempt to facilitate water movement and drainage. Slotted drains will be installed in curb sections to eliminate problems with water crossing the road in two locations, one near Falers and the other on the east end of town.  No changes are planned for the bridge across Pine Creek except for the new road surface. Maxam said they have budgeted in to put an epoxy layer down on the school crosswalks in the hopes of making the crosswalk paint stick better on the new surface. The reconstruction plans also call for adjusting the water valve boxes in the manholes so they will be smoother and not tear up the snowplows so much in the winter. 

WYDOT Resident Engineer Bob Maxam assured local business owners concerned about oil from road surfacing getting into their businesses that they would not be chipsealing like was done in Big Piney and Marbleton. “We’ll put a binder mix on it and perhaps a quick microsurface to seal it if needed, but we will not chipseal” he said. Pinedale Chamber of Commerce members have been especially concerned about how the timing of the road construction would impact the busy tourist season and especially disrupt Rendezvous, which will be the 13-15th of July. Maxam assured business owners that he has made provisions in the contract that the reconstruction will be shut down July 13-16 of Rendezvous weekend. The entire roadway will have 2-way unrestricted traffic. “All four lanes and all parking will be available during Rendezvous” he said. The contractor will pay a $100/day fine if they fail to meet that provision. Maxam said Pinedale business owners   would experience as minimal disruption to their businesses as possible.  There will be some short times when all traffic will be forced onto one side and to two lanes as things are paved, but “all businesses will have safe and continuous access at all times” he said. Pine Street will have traffic access at all times and traffic will not need to be diverted to side streets or detoured. “Be assured that traffic will always be allowed to flow. In no way will we shut anything down.” There may be some disruption to cross traffic, and they may put flaggers in place to funnel traffic to certain areas to get traffic across smoothly. 

Maxam said that the long term benefits would be “a better surface we won’t have to maintain as much. Pothole repair will not be eliminated, but decreased considerably.”  Maxam assured Pinedale business owners, “This is our home too. We want to do a quality job and affect you in the least as we can. It’s not a major reconstruction. It’s not Thermopolis 2000, and it’s not Pinedale 1984. It should go fairly quick.”

For further information, contact the WYDOT office at 307-367-4488.

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