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Pinedale Online:Photo Gallery:Dave Bell:Yellowstone National Park Photo Safari-2010 (Partial Gallery):Cows In The River

Cows In The River. Photo by Dave Bell.
© Photo by Dave Bell
Cows In The River

I had gone to my secret spot, where I get to watch elk swim the Snake River each year, just like clockwork. I had seen the bull moving his herd through the timber, and then he sent them across the Snake, but did not follow. This was odd as there were other bulls on the other side of the river, calling, just like he was. But, he simply disappeared. I searched for him later, following his tracks and that of the herd, right to the rivers edge, but he must have changed his mind and circled around behind me and crossed at another place. Canon 40d with 400MM F2.8. ISO 1000./djb

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