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Pinedale Online:Photo Gallery:Dave Bell:Yellowstone National Park Photo Safari-2010 (Partial Gallery):Caught In The Open

Caught In The Open. Photo by Dave Bell.
© Photo by Dave Bell
Caught In The Open

Spoiling For A Fight

I had just set up in a band of trees and was waiting for sundown "festivities" to begin, when a bugle came from behind me. Well, I figured the action would be in front of me. From my scouting I thought the bugling and strutting would be from one direction, but it came from exactly the opposite. Out from a small clump of trees emerged this fellow and he was ready for action. The bugling came often and loud. He strutted down the middle of a meadow, in full site of the highway, which immediately caused a major traffic jam. My location put him between me and the highway, but with terrific light right on his face. He got to within 100 yards of me, and then realized, no one was answering, there were about a hundred cars and untold commotion, and he beat tracks into the woods. Great theatre! Canon 7d, with 400MM F2.8 with 1.4X Extender./djb

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