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Pinedale Online:Photo Gallery:Dave Bell:Yellowstone National Park Photo Safari-2010 (Partial Gallery):Big Daddy Staredown!

Big Daddy Staredown!. Photo by Dave Bell.
© Photo by Dave Bell
Big Daddy Staredown!

Several photographers watched this elk on a hillside moving about, keeping his herd in line and bugling to any calls he heard. His movement and stature was awesome and the viewing superb in the morning light.

The morning was cold, with a stiff fall wind. Initially several of us lined up along the highway with the "big glass". But it soon became apparent the traffic jam would impede the viewing, so we slowly moved away and into the brush off the highway. As we moved out of sight, the traffic departed and the bull became more willing to move about in the open. We watched this bull for nearly an hour in the early light and then on through the sunrise.

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