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Spring Storm Clouds. Photo by Dave Bell.
© Photo by Dave Bell
Spring Storm Clouds

I am a weather fanatic. My friends joke about my near obsession with understanding clouds, patterns and trends. Well, Wednesday evening (April 17) was a weather buff's ultimate experience. The storm on the east side of the mountains left over 20 inches of snow in the Lander area, and over 55 in the Casper area. As the storms east side upslope really began to wrap up over the Wind River Mountains, it intensified enough to push a finger of moisture all the way over South Pass to Pinedale and leave an inch of light fluffy snow in Pinedale and nearly a foot in the Buckskin Crossing area. The intensity of the clouds was awesome as evidenced by the photo's I captured, shooting in nearly all directions from the house from 4PM till nearly sundown!

This was the beginning of the storm intensifying over Lander/Riverton. It was plain to see a major change in the weather over that area as the clouds really began to balloon upwards and intensify. This all happened in about 25 minutes, starting around 4PM.

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