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Dave has thousands of images of western Wyoming and can help you with a specific request or a picture you have viewed in his gallery. To purchase or place an inquiry about pictures, please contact Dave at, 1-307-360-7604, or go to  

Pinedale Online:Photo Gallery:Dave Bell:First Week Of February, 2017

First Week Of February, 2017 Album

Last Light Lit Lenticulars. Photo by Dave Bell.
Last Light Lit Lenticulars
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Bonneville Stacked. Photo by Dave Bell.
Bonneville Stacked
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Fremont Glory. Photo by Dave Bell.
Fremont Glory
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The Front Yard. Photo by Dave Bell.
The Front Yard
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Temple, Wind River, Surveyors Notch and Little El Capitan. Photo by Dave Bell.
Temple, Wind River, Surveyors Notch and Little El Capitan
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Perfect. Photo by Dave Bell.
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Mouth Of The Canyon. Photo by Dave Bell.
Mouth Of The Canyon
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Study In Pinecone Growth. Photo by Dave Bell.
Study In Pinecone Growth
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Magnificent Face In The Clouds. Photo by Dave Bell.
Magnificent Face In The Clouds
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