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Pinedale Online:Photo Gallery:Dave Bell:Coming Soon To A Trailhead Near You--CLOSED! By Order Of Congress! and HR 980!:Wyoming Range--Sjoberg Creek Area--CLOSED!

Wyoming Range--Sjoberg Creek Area--CLOSED!. Photo by Dave Bell.
© Photo by Dave Bell
Wyoming Range--Sjoberg Creek Area--CLOSED!

The US House is again taking up the NREPA or HR 980. This very significant piece of environmental legislation would effectively close large, vast tracts of western scenery to most citizens. Many of the areas I visit each summer would require HORSES to access, due to the approach distances involved, or many DAYS of walking. I don't use this website for political statements, but when a piece of proposed legislation doesn't have the support of a single congressional member from any of the districts involved, republican or democrat, and when organizations such as the Wyoming Wildlife Federation, Audubon Wyoming and the Wilderness Society don't support or won't lobby in favor of the legislation, it makes you wonder what planet members of congress are on. Pinedale Online has an excellent story about this proposed legislation--please consider a letter to your congressman or woman opposing this effort. This is just too much, and many of you would find backpacking or hiking in the Wind Rivers, Wyoming Range, Gros Ventre or Hoback Mountain Ranges practically impossible due to the lengthy approaches and distant trailheads./djb

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