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Not Willing To Challenge--6:50 am. Photo by Dave Bell.
© Photo by Dave Bell
Not Willing To Challenge--6:50 am

We arrived at the site of this "kill" at about 6:40 am. When we arrived there was one other car on site. We were totally lucky in picking this site--but did so thinking it was a good location to spot elk in the early morning sun.

The "kill" was a dead deer doe and the grizzly had been on site for the past 12 hours, not allowing any other predator near the kill.

I have posted the pictures in a chronological order--from the first to last picture--encompassing nearly four hours of viewing. When we left, there were about 6 rangers on site, and dozens of viewers. It was a very out-of-control scene, but it didn't bother the grizzly in the least. His belly was full and he still had meat to eat.

Old Scarface is over 24 years old and has quite a reputation for foraging in the Lamar Valley area. His face is scarred and his right ear is mostly torn away. But, he is huge, and laying on the kill in this manner is an outdoorsman's or women's worst nightmare. To come upon this when hiking or hunting gives anyone pause./djb

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