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Range Specialist
Sublette County Conservation District

Title:Range Specialist
Description:Sublette County Conservation District-located in Pinedale, WY
Do you have an interest in a holistic approach to natural resource management?
Do you have a sound understanding of how geospatial sciences and rangeland ecology can intersect? If so, join an interdisciplinary team to aid in monitoring and managing watersheds throughout Sublette County, WY! The Sublette County Conservation District (SCCD) aims to promote and maintain healthy rangelands, clean water and air and maintain premier wildlife and habitat. The Range Specialist will work primarily with state and federal agencies to promote watershed health through gathering and analysis of soils and vegetation data, which will assist with the development of ecological site descriptions, among a variety of other range-related activities such as post-fire monitoring, cheatgrass monitoring, and cooperative monitoring. The Range Specialist will aid in the management and understanding of watershed health, rangeland health and water quality within Sublette County.

• Follows the plans and directives of SCCD to protect water quality, soils, livestock, wildlife, and range.
• Develops written reports, reviews proposals, organizes assignments, and prepares documents or presentations as directed.
• Writes and oversees grants to help landowners and land managers implement landscape-based projects.
• Assist with other district programs as needed.
• Coordinates activities with state and federal agencies and programs relating to rangeland ecosystems, and watershed-based ecological planning, protection, restoration, mitigation, and stewardship of rangeland resources.

Geographic Information Systems & Technology
• Applies the use of remote sensing and other geospatial datasets with data collected on the ground to interpret and understand landscape ecology of an area.
• Primary operational support position for geospatial data management activities related to District activities.
• Helps staff formulate, plan, and execute a variety of geospatial assessments and projects at a variety of temporal and spatial scales to help inform decision-making.
• Assists District programs with developing ways to "tell our story" through geospatial technology. Rangeland Assessment, Inventory, and Monitoring & Ecological Site Development
• Leads ecological site development teams and associated project needs, including data management.
• Comfortable implementing various field methods for vegetation data collection such as AIM protocols, Rooted Nested Frequency, and production.
• Describes site soil characteristics by digging a soil pit and accurately describing soil texture, structure, color, coarse fragments, presence of carbonates, indicators of water table, among other attributes.
• Interprets & analyzes data to make recommendations to determine and improve range conditions.
• Participation in cooperative monitoring projects.
• Makes assessments using the Interpreting Indicators of Rangeland Health.
• Assists with riparian health assessments and riparian monitoring according to PFC, MIM, Winward Greenline (or other protocols as necessary). Outreach
• Collaboratively designs and supports efforts to enhance and apply the scientific knowledge of ecological, social, and economic factors that influence upland, riparian, and aquatic ecosystem health.
• Provides technical guidance, outreach and education to communities, private landowners, associations, federal, state, and county agencies regarding best management practices and stewardship of lands and waters within Sublette County.
• Represents SCCD at interagency meetings, commission hearings, task forces, boards, conferences, and state and non-government committees as needed.

• Minimum a bachelor’s degree related to Rangeland Ecology, Rangeland Hydrology, Watershed Ecology, or related field and 2 years of applied "field" experience. Note: Two seasonal positions with durations of 4-6 months will be evaluated as one year of applied field experience.
• Strong GIS skillset supported by GIS certificate, advanced GIS coursework or "on the job" experience.
• Knowledge and experience using current rangeland monitoring techniques. Familiarity with developing research in your field, evaluating results, and integrating findings into planning and decision-making.
• Knowledge of plant community change over time as it relates to management or natural disturbances.
• Knowledge of rangeland plant ID.
• Knowledge and experience using ecological site descriptions.
• Soil geomorphology knowledge and experience.
• Comfortable using statistics programs, such as (but not limited to) R or MiniTab, is a plus!
• Strong leadership and interpersonal skills. Excellent written and verbal skills. Proven ability to exercise sound judgement, problem-solve, forge and maintain partnerships, and develop and implement collaborative solutions. Proven ability to work effectively in a collaborative team environment on multiple tasks with varying deadlines. Ability to work independently and with self-initiative, while having a keen sense of when to ask questions and seek input.
• Computer, software, and technological knowledge and skills expected of natural resource professionals.
• Enthusiastic about promoting sustainable natural resource management and being a part of a dynamic team of conservation-minded individuals.

Full-time year-round position
Salary Range: $19.99-27.17 per hour depending upon qualifications and experience.
Benefit package includes: Retirement (Wyoming Retirement System), Health Insurance, Dental Insurance (optional), Vision Insurance, Paid Holidays, Vacation & Sick Leave

REVIEW OF APPLICATIONS STARTS October 31, 2022, and will continue until a suitable candidate is found.
For more information, contact Michael Henn at 307-367-2364. Complete applications must include a letter of interest, resume, two (2) letters of reference submitted to or PO Box 647, Pinedale, WY 82941. Incomplete applications will not be considered. Applicants are encouraged to submit a project report which displays their GIS, rangeland and technical writing skillsets to supplement their application packet.
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Company:Sublette County Conservation District
Salary:: $19.99-27.17 per hour depending upon qualifications and experience
Post Date:9/23/2022
Close Date:10/31/2022
Location:Pinedale, Wyoming
Contact:Michael Henn
Sublette County Conservation District
PO Box 647
Pinedale, WY 82941

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