2006 Green River Rondy Sled Dog Race Results
(Updated 1/5/06):  FINAL RACE RESULTS/SATURDAY & SUNDAY - Musher Bios
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6 Dog Race
12 Dog Race
1:13:32 1:05:40 2:19:12 Double Flying U, Kevin Campbell, Bondurant Dave Turner Sandy, OR 2:02:48 1:57:18 4:00:06 Snowcap, Bill Mayo, Boulder Wendy Davis Lander, WY
1:16:59 1:03:15 2:20:14 Turtle, Bob Beard, Daniel Kathy MacKay Daniel, WY 2:30:02 2:20:23 4:50:25 Running ME, Norm Pape, Daniel Barrie Raper Pinedale, WY
1:17:22 1:04:20 2:21:42 Bar BS, Boone Snidecor, Daniel Clint Hallam Lyman, WY 2:34:39 2:23:44 4:58:23 River D, Dru Roberts, Daniel Dan Carter Bondurant, WY
1:20:08 1:10:17 2:30:25 Stacy O'Neal Jackson, WY 2:29:53 2:31:47 5:01:40 Dot Diamond Dot, Mark Steele, Cora Ernie Bailey Gillette, WY
1:37:41 1:03:11 2:40:52 Circle S, Marie Josie George, Cora Rick St. Onge Millville, UT 2:34:02 2:31:11 5:05:13 Two Bar Spear, Grant Beck, Daniel Frank Teasley Jackson, WY
1:36:51 1:05:14 2:42:05 V Slash K, Garly Swain, Pinedale Frank Caccavo Deer Park, WA 2:37:52 2:29:50 5:07:42 Double Dishpans, Cottonwood Ranches, Big Piney Kate St. Onge Millville, UT
1:35:50 1:10:57 2:46:47 Lazy Y Y, Maggie Miller, Daniel Jean Wise Rapid City, SD 2:49:42 2:22:50 5:12:32 Circle Slash, Circle Cattle Co, Big Piney Mary Gilbertson Chatham, MI
1:31:03 1:22:10 2:53:13 Broken Heart, Donny Allen, Boulder Kayla Corcoran Rozet, WY 2:40:52 2:39:10 5:20:02 Bar Lazy W, Little Jenny Ranch, Bondurant Doug Willett Seeley Lake, MT
1:36:59 1:21:36 2:58:35 K 9 Bar, James King, Pinedale Kylee Price Millville, UT 2:50:18 2:46:35 5:36:53 Bar 33, Gordon Mitchell, Big Piney Casey Boulter Big Piney, WY
1:42:07 1:21:36 3:03:43 J T Reverse J, Doc Johnston, Pinedale Jerry Bath Lander, WY 2:58:33 2:47:51 5:46:24 Steerhead, Mike Beard, Daniel Rodeo Vincent West Yellowstone, MT
1:40:13 1:24:06 3:04:19 Bar Cross, John Blatt, Cora Rick Katucki Eagle, ID 3:02:40 2:55:42 5:58:22 IRV, Irv Lozier, Cora Terry Adkins Sand Coulee, MT
1:43:24 1:24:19 3:07:43 Bar Flying V, Tharon Greenwood, Big Piney Tabatha Berge Glenrock, WY 2:56:07 3:10:18 6:06:25 UX, Al & Eric Peterson, Pinedale Karen Land Boulder, MT
1:42:09 1:27:04 3:09:13 Rockin Chair, John Chrisman, Big Piney David Benson Sandpoint, ID 3:16:59 2:59:15 6:16:14 Lazy JC, Bob Bing, Pinedale Matt  Anderson Pinedale, WY
1:38:38 1:30:36 3:09:14 Double F, Alsade Limited, Big Piney Danny Corcoran Rozet, WY 3:08:52 3:11:38 6:20:30 A Plus, Zembo Bros, Boulder Rob Loveman Seeley Lake, MT
1:43:58 1:28:24 3:12:22 Bootjack, James Noble, Cora Tory Corcoran Rozet, WY 3:02:34 3:21:33 6:24:07 Open AP, Albert Sommers, Pinedale Allan Berge Glenrock, WY
1:46:29 1:29:29 3:15:58 Bar VR, Robert Ray, Daniel Steve Duren Spirit Lake, ID 3:11:23 3:17:38 6:29:01 Rafter C Runnin M, Cindy & Charlie Mithcell, Daniel Charlotte Mooney West Yellowstone, MT
2:00:13 Scratch Scratch Anvil, Larry Lozier, Daniel Anneka Door Sidney, NE 3:33:37 4:12:32 7:46:09 RU Lazy 2, Roy & Peg Snow, Big Piney Steve Riggs Condon, MT
1:50:50 Scratch Scratch Reverse LK Quarter Circle, Lance Koppenhafer, Pinedale Glenn Lepp Lewisville, ID 3:43:19 Scratch Scratch Rocking R Diamond, Mike Ramsey, Pinedale Dave Harmon Rigby, ID

12-Dog Race Musher Biographies

Brand Musher Home Experience
Lloyd Gilbertson Chatham, MI Finished '93 Iditarod taking red lantern - recently his jockeys have been racing his dogs to major wins, most notably Champion in last year's WY Stage Stop
Rob Loveman Seeley Lake, MT Racing since 2000, took 2nd last year in Lake Davis, CA race; a physicist
Mary Gilbertson Chatham, MI A nurse by profession, runs the kennel with her husband Lloyd, was Rookie of the Year in 1998 Minnesota Beargrease Marathon
Casey Boulter Big Piney, WY Started mushing in 2002; won last year's Cache Valley, UT 8 dog race, goal is to run Iditarod; works in Sublette County Sheriff's office
Frank Teasley Jackson,WY The man who gives us the International Pedigree Sled Dog Stage Stop Race; has run the Iditarod 8 times, placing as high as 6th.
Charlotte Mooney West Yellowstone, MT Has raced in Idaho & MT; recently took it on her shoulders to revive the famous West Yellowstone Sled Dog Races
Terry Adkins Sand Coulee, MT A veterinarian, he has raced the Iditarod 21 times
Doug Willett Seeley Lake, MT Won the 1997 Pinedale Classic held over a similar course; pioneered salvation of the Seppala Siberian working dog
Kate St Onge Millville, UT She and her husband Rick have been running sled dogs since 1983, started racing 7 years ago. A nurse by profession, she won 6 out of 6 races in 2004.
Steve Riggs Concon, MT Has been racing for over 6 years, including Priest Lake & Ashton, ID, Laramie's WyColo Race and in Grand County, CO
Matt Anderson Pinedale, WY The Rookie; this is Matt's first official race. Works for BLM in Pinedale. Quite an athlete - hand picked by Dan Gable to wrestle for University of Iowa's powerhouse team - could be the ringer in this race
Ernie Bailey Gillette, WY Has raced sleddogs for years. Last year took 2nd in WyColo Race & 2nd in Colorado's new $10,000 San Juan Stage Race
Dan Carter Bondurant, WY Called "Big Country" by his friends; solo canoed from Grand Portage to Hudson Bay summer of 2004. Has raced the WY Stage Stop 5 times.
Wendy Davis Lander, WY Has been mushing since 2000; currently works for NOLS in Lander. Will be racing a team from Gilbertson's kennel.
Allan Berge Glenrock, WY Running a team of Alaskan huskies with strong racing bloodlines. He and his wife Tabetha have a heavy schedule of 7 major races planned for this season.
Roger "Rodeo" Vincent West Yellowstone, MT Mushing since 1996, starting first as a sled dog tour operator, now with sole focus on racing; he's a concrete contractor from West Yellowstone
Barrie Raper Pinedale, WY Home girl! Has been mushing since she was 15. Has raced in Alaska and in Montana's Race to the Sky. She's been practicing on this course for weeks - look out!
UX, Al & Eric Peterson, Pinedale Karen Land Boulder, MT Late entrant/no bio available
Dave Harmon Rigby, ID Will be racing dogs that are a cross between Alaskan huskies and German Shorthair Pointers that are faster than greased lightning. His nickname is 'Rosey'.

6-Dog Race Musher Biographies

Brand Musher Home Experience
Rick St Onge Millville, UT Has been running dogs since 1983, racing for 7 years. Has climbed Mt. Everest. Has a day job as an Orthopedic surgeon
Kayla Corcoran Rozet, WY Only 13 years old. Very light on the sled. Already tasted victory in Colorado junior races
Jean Wise Rapid City, SD Our only team from South Dakota. Has raced the western circuit of Wyoming, Colorado and Montana for the past 2 years.
Clint Hallam Lyman, WY One of the original Green River Rondy racers from 2001. Has been mushing since 1995 in Minnesota Beargrease, MT Race to the Sky, and WY Stage Stop
Kylee Price Millville, UT Has won Dubois race for the last three years in junior division. Also raced and won in Idaho and Utah
Dave Turner Sandy, OR All the way from Oregon; you don't drive that far unless you really have something to bring! Won 2 of his 3 races last year in California and Washington
Tabetha Berge Glenrock, WY Runs a beautiful team of purebred Seppala Siberian Sled Dogs. She and her husband Allen and 4 children train and race the kennel together.
Tory Corcoran Rozet, WY Only 16 and already experienced racing in Dubois, Laramie, West Yellowstone and Granby, Colorado
Glenn Lepp Lewisville, ID Another of the original mushers who raced in the 2001 Green River Rondy. Travels western circuit including UT, WY, MT, ID. Most notably winning the Cascade Quest held annually in Washington
Anneka Door Sydney, NE 18 years old; sponsored by Cabela's. Ranked internationally in International Sled Dog Racing Assn.
Rick Katucki Eagle, ID 1st contestant to sign up for the 6-dog class; he gets to go out with a clear track ahead of him. He has been racing since 2003
Danny Corcoran Rozet, WY Father of Tory & Kayla; going out after his children, we bet his dogs will be chasing their kennel buddies hard!
Jerry Bath Lander, WY Won last year's Dubois 14 mile race - that's the same distance as this one…He's one of the original 2001 Green River Rondy racers
Kathy MacKay Daniel, WY Kathy & husband John have raced from Maine to Oregon on up to Alaska - that's how she knows Sublette County is the greatest place on earth
Bar VR, Robert Ray, Daniel Steve Duren Spirit Lake, ID Late entrant/no bio available
Rockin Chair, John Chrisman, Big Piney David Benson Sandpoint, ID Late entrant/no bio available
V Slash K, Garly Swain, Pinedale Frank Caccavo Deer Park, WA Late entrant/no bio available
Stacy O'Neal Jackson, WY Began mushing in 2003 with Frank Teasley & Dan Carter - racing the WY Stage Stop this year