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Green River 
Sled Dog Race

The 2nd annual Green River Rondy Sled Dog Race was held March 10-11 in the scenic Upper Green River area north of Cora, Wyoming. Twelve teams participated from western states including Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Utah and Wyoming. 
   The 7.1 mile race course began at the Forest Service parking lot at the end of the paved road to Green River Lakes north of Cora. Mushers drove 6-dog teams from the parking lot on a loop that crossed the Green River then returned in front of Elk Ridge Lodge crossing the Green River a second time to the finish line near the parking lot.

2001 Green River Rondy along the scenic Green River
Green River Rondy
[2001 Race Results] [Race Pictures]
Team nears the finish lineThe course was run both days, with the lowest combined time for both days determining the winner. The course run time was approximately 30 minutes. Winner June Davies of Victor, Idaho, finished the race with an overall 2-day time total of 0:53:29. Pinedale's Barrie Raper came in 6th, with a total time of 0:57:15

This year, CenturyTel sponsored the race bibs and local rancher's brands were used instead of numbers. Using brands reflected the local heritage of the community and was a unique way to show pride in the community. Ranchers who agreed to allowing their brands to be used in the race also donated money to a cash purse. The race had a $40 entry fee, with $5 going towards the Green River Rondy startgrooming of Wyoming trails.

The Green River Rondy was founded and organized by Kathy MacKay of Daniel, Wyoming. 

For more information about the race, please visit:

2001 Race Results

Place Musher Home Town Total Time
      14.2 miles
1 June Davies Victor, Idaho 0:53:29
2 Kevin Mahoney Jackson, Wyoming 0:53:46
3 Ray Gordon Rock Springs, Wyoming 0:55:28
4 Clint Hallam Lyman, Wyoming 0:56:01
5 Kate St. Onge Milville, Utah 0:56:56
6 Barrie Raper Pinedale, Wyoming 0:57:15
7 Janet Smith Kandiyohi, Minn. 0:59:56
8 Cole Gines Lyman, Wyoming 0:59:58
9 Jerry Bath Lander, Wyoming 1:01:44
10 Glenn Lepp Lewisville, Idaho 1:05:50
11 Scotty Cassens Edgemont, S.Dak. 1:07:13
12 Randy Brennick Sturgis, S.Dak. 1:13:37

2001 Race Pictures

Photos by Pinedale Online, unless otherwise credited. Copyright 2001, all rights reserved. May not be reproduced or used without permission.

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