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Pinedale Junior Science Fair Results
Results for 2000 Local, Regionals & State Science Fair
6th - 8th Grade Students
2000  Southwest Regional Science Fair Winners
2000 Southwest Regional Science Fair Pinedale Winners

Local Pinedale Science Fair, January 20, 2000
Southwest Wyoming District Science Fair, Rock Springs, Western Wyoming Community College, January 28, 2000
State Science Fair, Laramie, University of Wyoming, March 5th-7th, 2000

[Summary] [Regional Results] [Placing by Student]


Local Science Fair - 1/20/00
Pinedale Middle School
82 total projects in 15 categories
49 students placed (43 Projects)
15-1st Place, 16-2nd Place, 12-3rd Place
Best Visual Display: Kendall Brunette, "Traces of the Past"
Student's Choice: Amanda Asay, "What Makes You SCREAM?"
Scientific Frontier Award*: Kendall Brunette, "Traces of the Past"
Best of Fair: Casey Dean, "Vaccination for Cereus Food Poisoning Found"

*The Scientific Frontier Award is a new award for 2000 for projects demonstrating
creativity and original thought, breaking new ground in scientific theory.

Southwest Regional Science Fair - 1/28/00
Rock Springs, Western Wyoming Community College
43 Total Projects in 15 categories, 49 Students
21 students placed (20 Projects)
7-1st Place, 8-2nd Place, 5-3rd Place
Best of Fair: Casey Dean, "Vaccination for Cereus Food Poisoning Found"

State Science Fair - 3/5-7/00
Laramie, Western Wyoming State University
20 Total Projects, 21Students
3 students placed (3 Projects)
1-1st Place, 1-3rd Place, 2-Honorable Mentions

Regional Science Fair in Rock SpringsRegional Science Fair

State Science Fair Results
Pinedale Winners

Paige Blagg
1st Place - Botany
Discover Young Scientist Award

Casey Dean
3rd Place - Medicine & Health

Kendall Brunette
Honorable Mention - Earth & Space Science

Jeff Disko
Honorable Mention - Inventions

Other Awards:

Kendall Brunette
U.W. College of Anthropology - Excellence in Scientific & Creative Thought
Certificate Award
U.W. College of Geology - Excellence in Scientific and Creative Thought
Certificate Award

Mae Peterson & Tiffany Anderson
Conservation International - Good Environmental Ideas
Certificate Award
Best Teamwork from UW Award - Scientific Calculators

Joe Pierce
Navel Science Award - $15.00 cash award and certificate

Catchy Titles Award - Andy Oglietti, Gracy Huntley & Ben Gunn

Most Interesting Question Award - Jessica Hocker

Best Cartoon - Jae Bing

Most Unique Idea - Steven Svalberg

Most Glue Used - Lance Zierlain

Most Jumpy Invention - Jeff Disko

Longest Title - Courtney Brown

Southwest Wyoming Regional Science Fair Results
Pinedale Winners

1st Place Winners

2nd Place Winners

3rd Place Winners

Behavioral & Social Science
Courtney Brown
"Is Little Miss Muffet's Mother Afraid of Spiders, Too?"

Paige Blagg
"Hawaiian Coco Palms"

Jae Bing
"Come Fishies, Come"
Jeffry Disko
"Bump and Jump"

Lance Zierlein
"M & M's in a Bag"

Medicine & Health
Casey Dean
"Vaccination for Cereus Food Poisoning Found"

Mae Peterson/Tiffany Andersen
"The Spice of Life..or Death!!"

Behavioral & Social Science
Jessica Hocker
"Smell, Taste, Test"

Holly Ann Musgrave
"Food Preservatives - Myth or Fact"

Hannah Fishgrab
"Grow and Show"

Earth & Space
Kendall Brunette
"Traces of the Past"

Andy Oglietti
"Spiffy Spoilers"

Robert Walters
"To See or Not to See?"

Gracy Huntley
"Catastropic Carpet"

Jackie May Key
"Is It Too Loud?"

Hannah McGuire
"Diabetic Dilema"

Joe Pearce
"Crystal Clear"

Chris Wright
"Tracking Sports Statistics Using Software"

Ben Gunn
"Who Wants to be a Millionaire?"

Medicine & Health
Steven Svalberg
"Hear or There?"

Pinedale Student Placing at Local/Regional/State

Behavioral & Social Science
Courtney Brown: "Was Little Miss Muffet's Mom Afraid of Spiders Too?" 3rd/1st/--
Jeff Ellis: "Right-Brained or Left Brained?" That is the Question. 1st/--
Jessica Hocker: "Smell, Taste, Guess 2nd/2nd/--
Holly Ann Musgrave: "Food Preservatives - Myth or Fact?" 3rd/2nd/--
Hannah McGuire: "Diabetic Dilemma" 2nd/3rd/--
Brittany Wilson: "Jack's Magic Beans" 2nd/--
Susie Cooney: "Common Scents" 1st/--
Cody Wright: "Prairie Forest" 3rd/--
Monica Lavin: "The Electric Garden" 3rd/--
Hannah Fishgrab: "Grow & Show" 2nd/2nd/--
Paige Blagg: "Hawaiian CoCo Palms" 1st/1st/1st
Alexandrea Maxam: "Suits That Wear" 2nd/--
Joe Pearce: "Crystal Clear" 1st/3rd/--
Bo Morss: "Durawood" 3rd/--
Chris Wright: "Computer Statistics" 2nd/3rd/--
Earth & Space
Kendall Brunette: "Traces of the Past" 1st/2nd/Honorable Mention
Karrie Butler: "Fact or Fiction" 2nd/--
Nisha Jackson: "Moon Illusions" 3rd/--
Andy Oglietti: "Spiffy Spoilers" 1st/2nd/--
Environmental Science
Brooke Belford: "The Fried Earth Effect" 1st/--
Shaina Belton: "Amazing Acid" 3rd/--
Jennifer Ramsey: "Rain, Rain Go Away..." 2nd/--
Jeff Disko: "Bump & Jump" 1st/1st/Honorable Mention
Jae Bing: "Come Fishy Come" 2nd/1st/--
Ben Gunn: "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?" 2nd/3rd/--
Robert Walters: "To See or Not To See" 3rd/2nd/--
Lance Zierlein: "M & M's in a Bag" 1st/1st/--
Medicine & Health
Amanda Asay: "What Makes You SCREAM?" 2nd/--
Casey Dean: "Vaccination for Cereus Food Poisoning Found" 1st*/1st*/3rd
--*Pinedale "Best of Fair" Award, Regional "Best of Fair" Award
Roxanne Shaver: "Battle of the Bugs" 3rd/--
Steven Svalberg: "Hear or There?" 2nd/3rd/--
Sara Domek: "Is Its Bark Worse Than Its Bite?" 1st/--
Gracy Huntley: "Catastrophic Carpet" 3rd/2nd/--
Sarah Mitchell: "Filthy Lucre" - Is Your Money Cruddy? 2nd/--
Jake Haffey: "Moving Metal" 3rd/--
Jackie Key: "Is It Too Loud?" 2nd/2nd /--
Ryan Ptasnik: "Which Prop Is Tops?" 1st/--
Mae Peterson/Tiffany Andersen: "The Spice of Life...or Death" 1st/1st/--
Leah Payne/Ciera Mauch: "Herbal Healers" 2nd/--
Coulter Stroud/Holden Vargas: "Cool Your Jets" 3rd/--
Brian Brokling/Zach Mortensen: "Poison Alert" 3rd/--
Alex Andersen: "Look Before You Jump" 2nd/--
Forrest Michnevich: "Eggs For Long" 2nd/--
Mike Munson: "Mice Metabolism" 1st/--
Sam Nelson: "Teeth Afloat" 3rd/--

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