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Airport Information

Commercial Airports:
The closest commercial airports are in Jackson (77 miles), Rock Springs (100 miles), Idaho Falls (190 miles), and Salt Lake City (250 miles).

Airlines that fly into the Jackson Airport include American Airlines, Continental Express, Delta Air Lines, Northwest Airlines, Skywest Airlines and United Express. Airlines flying into the Rock Springs Airport include American Airlines, Delta Airlines, Southwest Airlines, Trans World Airlines, and United Express.

Local Airport:
Local general aviation airport is Pinedale Wenz Field located approximately 6 miles south of Pinedale next to US Hwy 191. The runway is 7100' x 100', asphalt surface, with NDB approach, AWOSIII-P/T weather station. Elevation is 7080'. This field is suitable for larger corporate jets. Services include fuel, line service, aircraft maintenance, repair & inspection, transient hangar space, crew car, flight instruction, 24-hour availability. Call New Breed Aviation at 307-367-2290 for more specific information. You can also e-mail them at, but this is not 24-hour response service. Currently rental cars are not available at the airport, but shuttle service can be arranged by calling Great Outdoor Transportation Company through the Great Outdoor Shop in Pinedale at 307-367-2440 (e-mail:

Car Rental Information

Airport Shuttle transportation services to and from Jackson and Rock Springs airports and Pinedale are provided locally by Outdoor Express through the Great Outdoor Shop, 307-367-2440..

Car Rentals out of Jackson:
Avis Rent A Car: (Jackson) 800-831-2847
Budget Car & Truck Rental: (Airport) 307-733-2206 (Jackson) 307-733-6868
Dollar Rent-A-Car: (Jackson) 307-733-0935
Eagle Rent-A-Car: (Jackson) 307-739-9999
Enterprise Rent-A-Car: (Jackson) 307-733-4440 (Out of Town Reservations) 800-325-8007
Fourway Renting & Leasing: (Jackson) 307-733-5014
Rent A Wreck: (Jackson) 307-733-5014
Thrifty Car Rental: (Jackson) 307-739-9300
Ugly Duckling Rent A Car of Jackson Hole: 307-733-3040 or 800-THE-DUCK

Car Rentals out of Rock Springs & Evanston area:
Affordable Used Car Rental (Evanston): 307-789-3096
Avis Rent A Car (Rock Springs): 307-362-5007
Avis Rent A Car (Rock Springs): (Airport) 307-362-5599
Enterprise Rent-A-Car: (Rock Springs) 307-362-8799 Out of Town Reservations: 800-325-8007
Evanston Motor Company: (Evanston) 307-789-3145
Hertz Rent A Car: (Rock Springs Airport) 307-382-3262
Wayne's Car Rental: (Rock Springs) 307-362-6970


Trains & Buses

The closest train station to Pinedale is in Rock Springs, 100 miles to the south. Amtrak services are no longer available from this station.

Greyhound Bus services stop in Rock Springs, but service to Pinedale is not provided.

Shuttle Services

Trying to figure out how to get from the airport to Pinedale without renting a car? The Great Outdoor Transportation Company in Pinedale can help! They offer taxi services from the area airports to town, as well as providing transportation and gear drops to trailheads or taking you to a terrific fishing spot! 307-367-2440, or e-mail them at Many local Outfitters & Guides will also transport you to and from the airport when you book guided services through them.


Important information about Road Conditions in Wyoming...

About road conditions: It is a very good idea to check with the Road Condition Report before traveling in Wyoming.

During the winter, checking the Road Report is especially important. The locals always do it. This is because winter storms and blowing snow, or avalanches in the Hoback and Snake River Canyons, can cause road closures, and they actually put a gate across the road so you can't go through. Road gates are located on the Interstate outside of Rock Springs, and on US 191 north of Pinedale just past the Hwy 189 turn-off at the "Daniel Junction". Services at these gated locations are typically meager (think "small coffee shop with a restroom"), and you could be stuck there for days with a bunch of other stranded travelers and truckers. We're talking about blowing & drifting snow and complete "white-out" conditions where you can't see the road or even 2 feet in front of you! You'll need a four-wheel drive vehicle, or chains, or appropriate snow tires for winter travel. (Note: Having a 4-wheel drive vehicle doesn't necessarily mean you'll be able to go any faster!) Violations of winter storm road closures are dangerous and punishable by a $100 fine. We'll put more information about winter travel conditions on this web site later on, so check back to this web site for more travel information if you are planning to visit this area in the fall/winter! Oh, and we can get a "winter snow storm" ANY DAY OF THE YEAR in the Rocky Mountains, so come prepared... (see photo below).

The Road and Travel Information site on the Internet is The phone number for Rock Springs Road and Travel Information is: 307-382-9966, and for the Jackson Road and Travel Information: 307-733-9966.

It snowed on July 18th!
This July 18th snowstorm was a bit of a surprise to these campers!

Check out the weather before you come:

Click for Pinedale, Wyoming Forecast


About speeding: Wyoming is BIG. And varied. Between Rock Springs and Pinedale you'll find high mountain rolling hill terrain dotted with sagebrush & rabbit brush and not much else. This tempts some people to push 90 mph just to get through it. Please be aware that this is not Montana, the speed limit is 65 on our highways. (Note: Montana has experienced a 40% increase in highway deaths since the speed limit increase and is now calling for special legislation to reduce the speed limit once again.) The Wyoming Highway Patrol is very effective at catching speeding motorists. (They'll be very friendly, but they will still give you a ticket.) Many antelope and deer live in this open terrain, and it just takes a second for one to jump in front of your car. Often, where there is one, there are more. And it's real hard to see a black moose - on a dark highway - at night - when you're going 90 miles an hour. So please, slow down when traveling in Wyoming. Also, wear your seat belt. It's the law in Wyoming.

About cell phones: If you have a cell phone, bring it along. It might come in handy if you become stranded or come along someone else who has had car trouble along the way. You can report accidents and drunken drivers to the Wyoming Highway Patrol at 1-800-442-9090 or by cellular: #HELP (#4357).

If you have car trouble: Someone will probably be by soon and ask you if you need help. (If there's a 23 on their Wyoming license plate, they're a local.) Towing and car/RV repair services are available at most towns. Keep an eye on the gas tank before heading off from any "town", and fill the tank up if it's below half a tank.

About radio: In 1997, Pinedale's first radio station went on the air! KPIN-FM can be received at 101.1 MHz and plays a variety of music from golden oldies, country-western, to contemporary tunes.

About RV's: During the summer many people travel through Wyoming on vacation, and facilities for RV services are becoming more available. Overnight campgrounds can be found throughout the area with dump stations, hookups, water and other services. Be aware that Jackson and Yellowstone become very crowded in the summer, and driving in your big rig can get very slow.

About Historical Markers along the highways: Watch for these informative pull-outs while you drive along. You'll discover a wealth of interesting information about historic wagon trail ruts and the locations of important events. Approach signs are provided for those markers which offer interpretive information. These places are also a good spot to get out and let everyone stretch a bit...

About driving distance: Well, actually, folks here don't usually tell distance by miles, but rather by how long it takes to get from one place to another. It's about 2 hours from Rock Springs to Pinedale and 1 1/2 hours from Pinedale to Jackson. From Jackson to Yellowstone is about an hour. From Rock Springs to Yellowstone, it's about 4+ hours driving time. (But you'll probably take some time to stop along the way to see some sites, eat, or use the facilities... so plan on the trip to take a bit longer.)

If you want the actual miles:
Rock Springs to Pinedale: 100
Pinedale to Jackson: 77
Jackson to Yellowstone: 57
Rock Springs to Yellowstone: 234

About cattle drives in the middle of the road: Yes, you might actually be driving down the road and come upon a real life cattle drive in the middle of the highway! Local ranchers need to move their herds to different pastures occasionally and will take them down the highway to do it. If you do come upon a bunch of cows and cowboys on horses in the middle of the road, here are some tips to follow: Be Patient. You'll need to wait a bit and let them move along. Don't try to go through them unless one of the people on the horses signals you to do so. Drive Slowly. You've got bunches of cows, people on horses, and herd dogs, and traffic all trying to use the highway at the same time. Animals can do unexpected things, well, unexpectedly. So take it slow and easy. You might have to mosy along for 10 minutes or so along with the drive until you get the signal to slowly move on. Enjoy it! Hey, you don't see something like that everyday! (Even in LA.) You might also see a cattle drive going through the middle of town in Pinedale, too. (PS. Have we suggested that you bring your camera when you come?)

About Fido: There are lots of wide open spaces for your favorite pet to romp in, that's for sure! But be aware that you'll also find deer, antelope, skunks, and bunny rabbits to chase. There are porcupines in the sagebrush (we fondly remember a vet bill for $100 to remove porcupine quills from our Golden Retriever's nose and paw...). There are rattlesnakes in the Rock Springs area, but none in Pinedale and north of us. Please remember to bring along water for your pet. This is high desert country that you are traveling through. (Up in the mountains, there are lots or streams and lakes for Fido to drink from, but bring along a canteen for yourself or purify the water.)

About Food, Gas & Restrooms...

One thing about Wyoming, there is a lot of distance between one place and another! (That's what we like about it!) But for folks traveling through who are used to a McDonalds on every corner, it may be a bit of a surprise. You'll find "fast food" restaurants and chain stores, like McDonalds, Burger King & K-Mart, in the bigger towns (Rock Springs and Jackson), but not in-between.

If the kids are hungry, and you're getting ready to set out from town, eat before you go or bring along a snack. It's a good idea to make sure everyone has had a chance to use the restroom before setting off, too (it's a long ways between trees in places). If you have less than a half tank of gas, fill up the gas tank before setting off (it's also a long ways between tow trucks). Also, bring along some water in case you get thirsty between towns (and don't forget water for Fido).

Services between towns: Between Rock Springs and Pinedale, and Pinedale and Jackson, you'll find several small towns and convenience stores with gas, restrooms and snack food (in Eden, Farson, Boulder and Bondurant and a couple in-between). But these are open during daytime hours, and some are only open seasonally (in the summer). There are small parks and picnic areas in Eden and Farson with playground equipment and swings for the kids (and restrooms). Pinedale is a good halfway point, and our Town Park has playground equipment and public restrooms.

For More Travel Information

You can get a free copy of the Wyoming Vacation Guide from the Wyoming Division of Tourism, 1-25 at College Drive, Cheyenne, WY 82002 or by calling (307) 777-7777. The Division also publishes other informational brochures, like the Wyoming Vacation Planner, which provides a complete accommodation and campground listing as well as an events calendar. Travel and vacation information can also be obtained at all Wyoming information centers and most Chambers of Commerce throughout the state.

Other Wyoming area tourist information sources:


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