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Pinedale Online Business Directory
Convention & Meeting Facilities

Locations for public and private gatherings, meetings, receptions, conferences and group functions in Sublette County

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Boulder Community Center

Hampton Inn in Pinedale,

Other Meeting Facilities:
Baymont Inn
   1624 W Pine, Pinedale, 307-367-8300
   See our ad under Motels
Boulder Community Center
   PO Box 124, Boulder, WY 82923, 307-537-3855

Lakeside Lodge Resort & Marina
   On Fremont Lake, 1-877-755-LAKE, See our ad under Guest Ranches
Moose Creek Catering
   1220 Wilson, Pinedale, 307-367-4616 or 307-360-8143
Rendezvous Pointe
   425 E Magnolia, PO Box 804, Pinedale, 307-367-2881
   See our ad under Retirement/Senior
White Pine Ski Resort
    PO Box 1420, Pinedale, 307-367-6606

Public Building meeting facilities


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